License Information

Each data service has an associated license file that determines the number of simultaneous users allowed and the expiration date. The license expiration date and number of simultaneous users are displayed on the welcome page after login. If the license is set to expire within 30 days, the expiration date appears in red along with a warning and a renewal link. License subscriptions include all software updates implemented during the license period. Please contact us for further information on licenses.

License Renewal

Licenses are renewable annually. Logins are not allowed after a license expires; however, data is not deleted, but access to the data is suspended.

License Problems

When an issue occurs with a license, a warning message is displayed on the login page. If this happens, contact your Architex administrator.

Simultaneous Users

All Architex licenses are floating licenses; this means that they are not tied to a specific user or machine. The subscription determines the number of users that may log in simultaneously, and is not tied to the number of user accounts allowed on a data service. Once the maximum number of simultaneous users is met, all other users attempting to log in will be denied.
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