Link Architectures

The following steps walk an architecture owner through linking their architecture to another architecture in Collector, Reporter, RAM, or LAM. There is no limit to the number of linkages allowed; it is also not required to link to a different architecture. Linking architectures allows you to augment your data with data expressed in a different architecture.

1. On the landing page, select your architecture in the carousel. Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the architecture tile.
2. The Edit Architecture window pops up. All architectures to which you have at least read permissions are listed in the Available Architectures: field. To create a link, drag the architecture name from the Available Architectures: field to the Linked Architectures: field.
3. Click the Save Changes button when you are finished. The newly linked architecture is displayed in the Architecture Information area.
4. When the architecture is loaded, all of the records in its linked architecture are available for reference. To show this, enable Use Reference Helper in Collector; the linked architecture name is shown in brackets. You cannot edit any data in the linked architecture from within the loaded architecture.
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