Map Tab

The Map tab allows the user to customize how the data is shown.
Map Tab

Selection Group

1. Selection Group
Click the Show Mini Map button to display a smaller version of the map. (NOTE: Clicking the button initially brings up a triangle icon in the upper right corner of the map; click this icon to expand the mini map.)
Click the Show Zoom Bar to bring up the zoom icon, where you can zoom in or out of the map. Click the Show Zoom Bar Presets to display quick-zoom options: Neighborhood, City, Region, State, and World.
The Show Scale button displays a ruler icon for measuring distance. The Show Navigation button displays arrows for easy navigation within the Content Pane.
Click Show Mouse Indicator to display the coordinates of where the mouse is pointing. The Show Command Bar button allows you to switch between Road View (default selection) and Aerial View (satellite imagery).
Click the Best Fit button to bring all the locations into view. The Mouse Wheel Mode menu provides options for using the mouse wheel to zoom to a point or the center, or do nothing.
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