The Node form of the Content Pane displays information about the node selected in the Outlook Bar. A node is composed of elements and is associated with a viewpoint. Nodes are the building blocks of all modules; for example, they are the tables you see in the Collector module.


1. Edit
Click the pencil icon to edit the Node form.

Node Information

2. Node Information
The user can edit the Node Name and Node Description of the node; change the Node Type; or select a different Base Node. Choosing a base node causes the current node to inherit all of the base node's elements. All of the elements specific to the node (including inherited elements) are displayed in the lower half of the Content Pane under the Element Visibility tab.

Node Tabs

3. Node Tabs
The Element Visibility tab shows all of the node's elements, and allows the user to select the elements that will be displayed in the node in Collector. The Node Alias tab allows the user to add or delete alternate names for the Node.


4. Element
Each of the items in this list is an element associated with the selected node. Uncheck the box next to the element name to hide its visibility in Collector.
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