Paste in Records from Excel

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through pasting Microsoft Excel data into Collector. Excel is a useful way to add multiple new records into Collector all at once. Be aware that this process imports the Excel data as new records; it does not overwrite existing records. If you paste any previously exported records back in, you will end up with duplicate records.

1. Open the prepared Excel workbook. NOTE: The column name, number, and order in Excel must exactly match those items in Collector for the paste to be successful. The table copied out from Collector may have two header rows, which are highlighted in our example. If this occurs, delete the top row.
2. Select the remaining header row (which contains the Collector column names) and all of the new records. Be sure to select just the cells—do not copy an entire row or column. Copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C, or right-click and Copy).
3. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Data Editor pane in the Outlook Bar. Using the By Viewpoint tab or the A to Z tab, select the node in which to paste the data. Click the Paste button in the Ribbon Bar. (NOTE: You cannot use Ctrl-V in Collector.)
4. The data is pasted from the computer clipboard into the Content Pane. Compare the new data in Collector with the data from Excel; if any spelling errors were present, referenced data may not have imported correctly.
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