Purge Deleted

The following steps walk a user through purging deleted records in Collector. This function is only available to architecture owners and IsAdmin-type users. The Purge Deleted function is similar to emptying your computer's recycle bin—it permanently removes all records that have been deleted from the currently loaded architecture. This does not remove deleted records from any other architecture in the data service, but could impact reference elements in architectures that are linked to yours. You cannot restore any records in an architecture after you purge deleted.
 It is a good practice to purge deleted records after normal business hours, as the process may slow down the data service.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Data Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. You do not have to select a node from the Outlook Bar.
2. Click the Purge Deleted button in the Ribbon Bar.
3. A warning box pops up, asking you to confirm your decision. Click Cancel to cancel the action. Click OK to confirm the purge action.
4. A busy indicator is displayed while the records are removed; the length of time depends on the size of the architecture and number of deleted records.
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