Quick Start

1. You will receive a New Account Created email from Architex-Exostrategies@exostrategies.com. Follow the link to create your password. NOTE: The link expires after 72 hours.
2. Upon receipt of an authorization email, go to http://architex.exostrategies.com/exosuite/ in an internet browser. Log in to the data service (specified in the authorization email) with your user name and password.
NOTE: Some organizations may use a different website to access Architex. Please see your administrator for the specific URL to use.
3. On the welcome page, click on the medallion for the module you want to enter. (NOTE: You will be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight if it is not already installed. This free browser plug-in is required for data access.)
4. On the module's landing page, click on the architecture of interest to bring it to the front of the carousel. Click the folder icon to load that architecture (Collector module shown as an example).
5. The user guide is accessible via the Help menu. For technical support, please use the Support Request link in the Help menu.
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