Radial Group

The Radial group of the Ribbon Bar provides the functionality to set the spacing between tree levels, plus the start and end angles of the tree.

Radial Separation

The Radial First Level Separation value sets the distance between the first and second tree levels; in this example, from Node 1-1 to its children (1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-3, and 1-1-4). The Radial Separation value sets the distance between the other tree levels; for example, between Node 1-1-2 and its children.

Start and End Angles

The Start Angle value indicates the angle at which the tree starts, as measured from the first level to the last level—indicated by Node 1-1-3-3 (in red) at 60 degrees in the screenshot. The End Angle value sets the angle where the tree stops; here, Node 1-1-2-1 in yellow at 315 degrees. These angle fields are not available with the Balanced layout.
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