Rate Information Window

The Rate Information window is displayed when a rate is created or edited in the Labor Category Information window. A rate can define an hourly salary, per diem value, or labor cost. Asterisk (*) fields are required.
Rate Information Window


1. Fields
  •  Name*: text label that names the rate
  •  Description: any additional information necessary
  •  Valid From* and Valid Until* dates: define the time frame of the rate. Dates must be after 1/1/1753 and before 12/31/9999. A warning message pops up (when Apply is clicked) if the dates are outside this range. You can edit these fields directly or click the button to display a calendar.
  •  Rate: per-hour value for the time frame selected; only numbers are permitted
  •  Cost Per Use: any additional one-time cost associated with the rate (for example, shipping or freight costs); only numbers are permitted

Window Buttons

2. Window Buttons
The Clear Changes button resets all fields to the original values; it is only available when editing an existing rate. The Apply button saves edits made in the window, and then closes it. The Cancel button reverses edits made in the window, and then closes it.
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