Reference is a common element type, and is used for a single or multiple reference. Enums are permitted for Reference types.
A multiple reference element is created by checking the Is One to Many [1..N]? box, and is what allows multiple items to be selected in Collector. If the box is left unchecked, then the element is a single reference and only one item may be selected in the cell.
A reference element has three tabs shown in the lower part of the Content Pane: Element Alias, Reference, and Base Class Visibility. The Reference tab is where the element to be referenced is chosen; only one element can be selected in the Referenced Element area. First select a node in the Node field (in this example, Standard); the Element and Tooltip fields then populate with the elements in that node. The Filtered By group is used to create cascading filter drop-downs. Once you have finished filling out this portion, click the Update button to save your choices.
The Base Class Visibility tab can be used to see which node records will be displayed in the reference list in Collector. Here, in addition to the Standard node, all records from the Functional Standard, Protocol, Protocol Layer, and Technical Standard nodes will be available for reference; this is because they all use Standard as their base node. Uncheck any node to remove its records from the reference list.
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