Relational Diagram Pane

The Relational Diagram pane is found in the Collector, Reporter and Designer modules. Relational diagrams are graphical representations of the relationships between nodes and elements in a framework. They may describe how all the nodes in a viewpoint are related (viewpoint diagrams) or how a single node relates to others (node diagrams).
Relational Diagram Pane

Ribbon Bar

The Ribbon Bar is dynamic—options available are based upon what is selected in the Outlook Bar or Content Pane.

Outlook Bar

The Outlook Bar is organized in a tree structure for navigation of nodes by viewpoint or alphabetically.

Content Pane

After selecting a node or viewpoint from the Outlook Bar, the generated diagram is displayed in the Content Pane.

Status Bar

The Status Bar provides current information on the availability of the module, architecture and framework name, and user login information.
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