Remove Module Access

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module, through removing module access in User Manager. NOTE: Once module access is removed, its medallion is no longer displayed on the welcome page for that user.

1. Select the Module Access pane in the Outlook Bar.
2. In the Content Pane, click the module bar in which to remove access (Lifecycle Affordability in the example).
3a. Remove a user: In the Content Pane, select the user to which to remove module access ("Last, First" in the example). Drag the user onto its organization in the Outlook Bar. A tool tip appears to guide you. NOTE: You can also right click on a user's name and select Remove from the menu (as shown in step 3b).
3b. Remove an organization: In the Content Pane, right click on the organization to remove module access from for all currently associated users ("Child Organization" in the example). Click Remove. (NOTE: You can also drag and drop the organization onto its parent organization in the Outlook Bar, similar to step 3a.)
4. You can also quickly remove access to all modules for a user. Right click on the user's name in the Content Pane, and select Remove from All Modules from the menu.
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