Reorder Mitigations

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module and architecture, through reordering a mitigation within an architecture in RAM. Mitigation steps are specific to the risk they minimize; therefore, when you reorder mitigation steps, they remain linked to that risk. If you need to move a mitigation to a different risk, see how to reassign mitigations.

Ribbon Bar Method

You can use the Ribbon Bar buttons to reorder mitigations by start or end date. The date ranges of the mitigations were added to the name to illustrate the differences.
1. Select the risk in which to reorder the mitigations ("Reorder Mitigation Example" in the example). The Ribbon Bar buttons affect mitigations at the selected level and below.
2. To order the mitigations by start date, click the Reorder By Start Date button.
3. To order the mitigations by end date, click the Reorder By End Date button.

Drag-and-Drop Method

You can also drag and drop mitigations in the Outlook Bar to manually reorder them.
1. Select a mitigation from the Outlook Bar ("Mitigation Step 4" in the example).
2. Drag the mitigation to the desired location in the Outlook Bar. A hover hint is displayed to show you where you are dropping the risk. NOTE: Drag-and-drop functionality is only allowed when the Search field of the Outlook Bar is blank.
3. The mitigations have now been reordered. Architex automatically updates the icons.
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