Report Manager Window

The Report Manager window provides the ability to export existing reports to a zip file.
NOTE: The export uses the cached view of each report, so if the report has not been saved, there will be nothing exported for that report.
Report Manager Window

Ribbon Bar

1. Ribbon Bar
Click the All button to generate a zip file containing all the reports regardless of selection.
Click the Selected Only to generate a zip file containing only the viewpoints and reports marked for export.
Set All to PDF will switch all export formats to PDF.
Click Reset All to Default to revert all selected report export formats back to the default format based on the report type.
The Expand and Collapse buttons apply to the whole tree.
Select All and Deselect All will mark all viewpoints and reports for export accordingly.
Click the Close Manager button to close the window.

Expand Tree

2. Expand Tree
The triangle icon expands and collapses the tree by level.


3. Viewpoint
The name of a viewpoint; represented by a unique icon .

Report Name

4. Report Name
Name of a report. The icon on the left indicates the report type.

Select for Export

5. Select for Export
The export can be limited to only the items marked for export with this checkbox.

Export Format

6. Export Format
There are different export format options depending on the report type. Export types include PDF, PNG, Word, RTF, Html, XAML, and Excel.


7. Close
Click the Close button to close the Report Manager window.
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