Ribbon Bar

The Home tab of the Ribbon Bar applies to all UML report types (a Class diagram was used for the screenshot). These reports also have the View tab and Diagram context group available.
Ribbon Bar

Data Model Group

1. Data Model Group
The Select button takes the user back to the landing page, where a different architecture can be loaded. The Reload button brings in all the data again for the currently selected architecture. The Architecture History button pops up a window where the history of data edits can be viewed.

Data Group

2. Data Group
The Refresh Diagram button regenerates the data displayed in the diagram; it also refreshes the diagram layout. The Refresh Data button updates the data displayed, but maintains the current diagram layout (not available for Activity or Sequence reports). The Save to Database button (only available to users with write access to the architecture) saves a cached version of the currently displayed diagram to the database for other users to view.

Export Group

3. Export Group
The Export group exports the report in the format selected from the Format gallery. The Export View button saves what is currently shown in the Content Pane. The Export Full button saves the entire diagram, whether it is all visible in the Content Pane or not.

Format Group

4. Format Group
The Format gallery contains the file formats available for export; options depend on the report type selected. UML reports typically can be exported to PDF or PNG files.
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