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The Home tab contains the most common functions used with the Chart view. The Data tab and Compare tab are covered under the Gantt view.
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Data Model Group

1. Data Model Group
The Select button takes the user back to the landing page, where a different architecture or data set can be loaded. The Reload button reloads the currently selected architecture. The Architecture History button pops up a window where the history of data edits can be viewed.

Clipboard Group

2. Clipboard Group
The Copy button copies the image to the computer clipboard. The pull-down menu option provides the capability to copy the view as seen in the Content Pane to a PNG file:

Chart Display Group

3. Chart Display Group
Users can use the drop-down menu to select what to show in the Content Pane: Estimated Costs (default selection), Funding Actuals, or Combined. The Chart Display group also allows the user to show the Area Chart labels or legend and the Pie Chart legend.
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