Roadmap Information Window

The Roadmap Information window is displayed when a roadmap is double clicked in the Gantt, or when a new roadmap is added via the Ribbon Bar or from the Project and Task Information windows. Asterisk (*) fields are required.
A roadmap defines the evolution of capabilities—where an organization is now and where it wants to go. LAM currently supports two roadmap concepts: Capability and Enterprise Phase. Enterprise phase is generally a larger category than capability; several capabilities would typically compose an enterprise phase. The drop-down menu in the Display group of the Ribbon Bar (Home tab) can be used to view projects by capability or by enterprise phase.
Roadmap Information Window


1. Fields
  •  Identifier*: short label used in the Gantt to uniquely identify the roadmap
  •  Name*: text label that names the roadmap
  •  Concept*: determines what hierarchy the roadmap applies; select Capability or Enterprise Phase from the pull-down menu
  •  Description: text note to include any additional information about the roadmap
Users may create a roadmap hierarchy by assigning a Parent roadmap. Clicking the Parent bar displays a list of roadmaps (within the same concept) that can be assigned as parents. Select the desired parent project to make the assignment. To change the assignment, either select a new parent or click the Clear bar at the top of the list.

Window Buttons

2. Window Buttons
The Clear Changes button resets all fields to the original values; it is only available when editing an existing roadmap. The Delete button immediately removes the current roadmap and all of its children. This button is only available when editing an existing roadmap. A confirmation window pops up:
The Apply button saves edits made in the window, and then closes it. The Cancel button reverses edits made in the window, and then closes it.
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