Save Architecture as a Data Set

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module, through saving an architecture as a data set in LAM. This process also applies to saving a data set as another data set.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, select the Data tab of the Ribbon Bar. Click the Save Data Set button.
2. Type in a Data Set Name. You can check if you only want to save the filtered projects (if previously filtered). Click Save Data Set when finished. (NOTE: An IsAdmin-type user has an additional option to share the saved data set with all LAM users.)
3. A window pops up when the data set has been successfully saved. Click OK.
NOTE: Saving a dataset does not change the loaded data. If an architecture was loaded, it is still loaded. This can be seen in the Status Bar.
4. Select the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar. Click the Select button to return to the landing page.
5. After loading the data set, the Status Bar indicates the name of the data set and the architecture it came from.
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