Search Tab

The Search tab provides the functionality to display a subset of projects and search on project identifier or title in the Gantt view.
Search Tab

Display Options

1. Display Options
These buttons are enabled once a project or task is selected in the Gantt view. (NOTE: Even if Show Tasks is enabled and a task selected, the resulting display only shows the projects.) Display Related Items shows all projects with a dependency (concurrent, predecessor, or successor) to the selected project, plus any projects dependent on a related project. Display Subsequent Items shows any concurrent and successor projects to the selected project (but not predecessors), plus successor projects to related concurrent projects.

Search Options

2. Search Options
The search options group provides the ability to search on an identifier or title of a project or task. Enter the text to search for in the Value field. Click the Search button to begin the search. The Results Found field displays the number of matching items. Use the Previous Search Result and Next Search Result buttons to scroll through the results. The Clear Search button clears the search field value.
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