Share an Architecture

The following steps walk an architecture owner through sharing an owned architecture with other users in Collector, Reporter, RAM, or LAM.

1. Load an architecture you own in an applicable module. Select the Sharing pane (or Sharing tab) in the Outlook Bar. You can find other Architex users through two options: By Organizations, By Email.
2. Use the By Organizations tab (selected by default) to find users grouped by their organization. Only authorized users are shown in the Outlook Bar.
3. Use the By Email tab to search for users by their email address. In the search field, type in the user's full email address. Click the search icon, or hit Enter on your keyboard.
4. The next steps apply to either method of finding a user. Select a module accordion bar in the Content Pane. Click on the name of the user you wish to share data with ("Architex Trainee" in the example). Drag this user into either the Read or Write field. Repeat for other modules or users as needed.
5. You can also right click on the user name (in the Outlook Bar), and assign read or write to all modules at once.
6. The assigned users are displayed in the Content Pane. These users can now see your architecture in the modules in which you assigned permissions.
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