Sharing Pane

Collector, Reporter, and RAM have a Sharing pane to assign architecture permissions; in LAM, it is a Sharing tab. The Sharing pane is only available to an architecture owner (Collector shown as an example).
Sharing Pane

Ribbon Bar

The Select button takes the user back to the landing page, where a different architecture can be loaded. The Reload button reloads the data in the currently selected architecture. The Architecture History button pops up a window where the history of data edits can be viewed. The View tab provides the functionality to expand and collapse items in the Outlook Bar.

Outlook Bar

The Outlook Bar is organized in a tree structure, and contains a search capability to find users.

Content Pane

The Content Pane shows the modules available to grant other users read or write permissions to the architecture.

Status Bar

The Status Bar provides current information on the availability of the module, architecture and framework name, and user login information.
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