• Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Use This Guide
About Exostrategies
About Architex
Getting Started with Architex
Architex Training Courses
License Information
Web Browser Requirements
Architex Modules Overview
Account Setup
Session and Account Timeouts
Account Inactivity
Login Page
Login Page Menu Bar
Multi-factor Authentication
Multi-factor Authentication Setup
Welcome Page
Application Menu Bar
User Interface Overview
How-To Topics
Report Login Issue
Request Support
Change Password
Clear Browser Cache
Quick Start
User Manager Module
Module Access
Organization/User Manager Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Session History Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Organization Form
User Form
Session History
Session History – Timeline Tab
Session History – Mapping Tab
Module Access Pane
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Architecture Users Pane
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Architecture Pane
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
User Manager How-To Topics
Add a New Organization
Add a New User
User Authorization
Edit a User
Edit an Organization
Delete an Organization
Assign Module Access
Remove Module Access
Assign Architecture Permission
Remove Architecture Permission
Edit an Architecture
Designer Module
Module Access
Framework Builder Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Framework Manager Window
Import/Export Data Window
Node Editor Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Designer How-To Topics
Add and Edit a Framework
Delete a Framework
Export a Framework
Import a Framework
Import an Embedded Framework
Add and Edit a Viewpoint
Add a Node to a Viewpoint
Delete a Viewpoint
Add and Edit a Node
Add and Edit an Element
Element Types
Export Data
Import Data
Create Cascading Filter Drop-Downs
Cross Module
Module and Architecture Access
Common User Interface
Landing Page
Sharing Pane
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Relational Diagram Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Configure Tab
Export Tab
Page Layout Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Viewpoint Diagrams
Viewpoints – Class
Meta Class
Viewpoints – Entity Relationship
Node Diagrams
Related Nodes – Class
Related By Nodes – Class
Base Class
Utilized By
Related Nodes – Entity Relationship
Related By Nodes – Entity Relationship
Architecture History
Ribbon Bar
History Table Tab
Chart Tab
Mapping Tab
Raw History Data Tab
Common How-To Topics
Load an Architecture
Create a New Architecture
Create a Save As Architecture
Architecture Owner Topics
Edit an Architecture
Delete an Architecture
Share an Architecture
Link Architectures
Collector Module
Module Access
Data Editor Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Collector How-To Topics
Add and Edit a Record
Text Element
Single Reference Element
Multi-Reference Element
Date Element
Number Element
Enum Element
Delete a Record
Restore Deleted Record
Purge Deleted
Copy Records to Excel
Paste in Records from Excel
Export Data
View Record History
Use Reference Helper
Autofix Data Relationships
Reporter Module
Module Access
Architex Report Types
Activity (UML) Report
Class (UML) Report
Component (UML) Report
Sequence (UML) Report
Object (UML) Report
State (UML) Report
Use Case (UML) Report
Custom (Diagram) Report
Entity (Diagram) Report
Detail (Text) Report
Dictionary (Text) Report
Table (Text) Report
Merged (Text) Report
Chart (Graphic) Report
Cross-Table (Graphic) Report
Gantt (Graphic) Report
Map (Graphic) Report
Timeline (Graphic) Report
Document (Static) Report
PDF (Static) Report
Report Designer Pane
Viewpoint Ribbon Bar – Home Tab
Artwork Manager Window
Report Manager Window
Exported Reports File
Ribbon Bar – View Tab
Outlook Bar
UML Reports
UML Ribbon Bar – Home Tab
UML Data Tab
Content Pane
Node Form – Info Tab
Node Form – Model Data Tab
Node Form – Date Attributes Tab
Node Form – Visual Style Tab
Node Form – Filter Tab
Node Form – Source Architectures Tab
Node Form – Custom Visualization Tab
Relationship Form – Info Tab
Relationship Form – Source Data Tab
Relationship Form – Date Attributes Tab
Relationship Form – Visual Style Tab
Relationship Form – Filter Tab
Relationship Form – Source Architectures Tab
Node Types
Activity Diagram – Node Types
Class Diagram – Node Types
Component Diagram – Node Types
Object Diagram – Node Types
Sequence Diagram – Node Types
State Diagram – Node Types
Use Case Diagram – Node Types
Custom Diagram – Node Types
Entity Diagram – Node Types
Relationship Types
Text Reports
Ribbon Bar
Detail/Table Home Tab
Dictionary Home Tab
Dictionary Data Tab
Merged Home Tab
Document Context Group
Edit Tab
Insert Tab
Page Layout Tab
Review Tab
Mailings Tab
Table Design Tab
Table Layout Tab
Headers & Footers Tab
Detail/Table Content Pane
Report Element Form – Info Tab
Report Element Form – Source Data Tab
Report Element Form – Source Architectures Tab
Filter Form – Info Tab
Filter Form – Filter Tab
Report Template Tab
Dictionary Content Pane
Dictionary Element Form – Info Tab
Dictionary Element Form – Source Data Tab
Dictionary Element Form – Date Attributes Tab
Dictionary Element Form – Source Architectures Tab
Dictionary Filter Form – Info Tab
Dictionary Filter Form – Filter Tab
Report Template Tab
Merged Content Pane
Merge Field Form
Merged Report Form – Info Tab
Merged Report Form – Source Report Tab
Report Template Tab
Graphic Reports
Ribbon Bar
Chart/Cross-Table Home Tab
Gantt Home Tab
Map Home Tab
Timeline Home Tab
Chart/Cross-Table Content Pane
Element Form – Info Tab
Element Form – Source Data Tab
Element Form – Date Attributes Tab
Element Form – Source Architectures Tab
Cross-Reference Form – Info Tab
Cross-Reference Form – Source Data Tab
Cross-Reference Form – Date Attributes Tab
Cross-Reference Form – Source Architectures Tab
Gantt Content Pane
GanttNode Form – Info Tab
GanttNode Form – Source Data Tab
GanttNode Form – Date Attributes Tab
GanttNode Form – Filter Tab
GanttNode Form – Source Architectures Tab
Dependency Form – Info Tab
Dependency Form – Source Data Tab
Dependency Form – Source Architectures Tab
Map Content Pane
Address Form – Info Tab
Address Form – Source Data Tab
Address Form – Source Architectures Tab
Address Form – Filter Tab
Address Form – Visual Style Tab
Address Form – Custom Visualization Tab
Location Form – Info Tab
Location Form – Source Data Tab
Location Form – Source Architectures Tab
Location Form – Filter Tab
Location Form – Visual Style Tab
Location Form – Custom Visualization Tab
Timeline Content Pane
Timeline Element Form – Info Tab
Timeline Element Form – Source Data Tab
Timeline Element Form – Date Attributes Tab
Timeline Element Form – Source Architectures Tab
Timeline Element Form – Filter Tab
Timeline Element Form – Visual Style Tab
Static Documents
Ribbon Bar
Document Home Tab
PDF Home Tab
Document Content Pane
PDF Content Pane
Report Viewer Pane
Outlook Bar
Ribbon Bar – View Tab
UML Reports
Ribbon Bar
Diagram Context Group
Edit Tab
Settings Tab
Page Tab
Layout Tab
Routing Tab
Format Tab
Analysis Tab
Content Pane
Text Reports
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane
Graphic Reports
Ribbon Bar
Chart Home Tab
Data Tab
Design Tab
Layout Tab
Cross-Table Home Tab
Layout Tab
Options Tab
Gantt Home Tab
Map Home Tab
Map Tab
Timeline Home Tab
Timeline Tab
Chart Content Pane
Cross-Table Content Pane
Gantt Content Pane
Map Content Pane
Timeline Content Pane
Static Documents
Ribbon Bar
Document Content Pane
PDF Content Pane
UML Layout Options
Bin Packer
Bin Packing Options Group
Component Margin Group
Radial Group
Component Margin Group
Separation Group
Separation Group
Separation Group
Tip Over Offset Group
Separation Group
Component Margin Group
UML Routing Options
Org Tree
Simple Edge
Chart Layout Options
Area Charts
Bar Charts
Line Charts
Point Charts
Spline Charts
Spline Area Charts
Step Charts
Step Area Charts
Reporter How-To Topics
Create a New Report
Copy a Report
Add an Icon to Artwork Manager
Add Artwork in a Custom Report
Create an Organization Chart (Class)
Design a Chart Report
Design a Detail Report
Create a Document Report
Create an Entity Report
Create a Map Report
Import a Word File
Create a PDF Report
Export a Report
Lifecycle Affordability Module (LAM)
Module Access
LAM Landing Page
Ribbon Bar
Data Tab
View Tab
Search Tab
Analysis Tab
Compare Tab
Content Pane
Project Information Window
Description Tab
Groups Tab
Child Tasks Tab
Dependencies Tab
Criteria Tab
Funding Tab
Funding Execution Information – Funding Execution Tab
Funding Execution Information – Resource Loadings Tab
Estimated Costing Tab
Cost Information Window
Resource Loading Tab
Resource Loading Information Window
Cost Model Configuration Window
Task Information Window
Description Tab
Groups Tab
Child Tasks Tab
Dependencies Tab
Criteria Tab
Resource Loading Tab
Roadmap Information Window
Dependency Information Window
Responsible Organization Information Window
Funding Vehicle Information Window
Resource Information Window
Labor Category Information Window
Rate Information Window
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane
Chart – Timeline
Chart – Area Chart
Chart – Pie Chart
Cost Thresholds
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane
Project Cost Details Table
Resource Cost Breakdown
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane – By Event
Event Details Table
Resource Details Table
Content Pane – By Resource
Resource Events Table
Event Details Table
Funding Actuals
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane
Funding Vehicle Details Table
Ribbon Bar
Content Pane
Activity Log
Schedule Errors
Data Errors
LAM How-To Topics
Data Sets
Save Architecture as a Data Set
Export a Data Set
Import a Data Set
Set Viewing Filter
Compare and Merge Data
Modify Projects
Create a Project
Edit a Project
Delete a Project
Modify Tasks
Create a Task
Edit a Task
Delete a Task
Modify Dependencies
Create a Dependency
Edit a Dependency
Delete a Dependency
Create a Funding Vehicle
Add Funding to a Project
Create a Resource
Create a Labor Category
Create Resource Loadings
Modify Cost Model
Associate Resource Loading to Funding Execution
Risk Analysis Module (RAM)
Module Access
Risk Designer Pane
Ribbon Bar
View Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Parent Risk
Child Risk
Risk Mitigation
Risk Viewer Pane
Ribbon Bar
Home Tab – Matrix Options Group
Home Tab – Timeline Options Group
Home Tab – Burndown Options Group
View Tab
Outlook Bar
Content Pane
Parent Risk
Information Tab
Risk Rollup Tab
Risk Postures Tab
Risk Breakdown Tab
Mitigation Costs Tab
Risk Evolution Tab
Project Dependencies Tab
Child Risk
Information Tab
Risk Matrix Tab
Mitigation Timeline Tab
Planned Burndown Chart Tab
Estimated Burndown Chart Tab
Project Dependencies Tab
Quad Chart Tab
Risk Mitigation
RAM How-To Topics
Set Matrix Mode
Modify Risks
Add a Risk
Edit a Parent Risk
Edit a Child Risk
Delete a Risk
Move a Risk
Copy a Risk
Relocate a Risk
Modify Mitigations
Add a Mitigation
Edit a Mitigation
Delete a Mitigation
Reorder Mitigations
Copy a Mitigation
Reassign a Mitigation
Framework Applications
UPDM (DoDAF) Framework
Populate Data
CV-2: Capability Taxonomy
CV-6: Capability to Operational Activities Mapping
OV-2: Operational Resource Flow Description
OV-3: Operational Resource Flow Matrix
OV-5a: Operational Activity Decomposition Tree
OV-5b: Operational Activity Model
OV-6c: Operational Event-Trace Description
SV-1: Systems Interface Description
SV-2: Systems Resource Flow Description
SvcV-1: Services Context Description
Create Reports
Design an AV-2 Dictionary Report
Create a CV-2 Class Diagram
Design a CV-6 Cross-Table Report
Design an OV-1 Object Diagram
Create an OV-1 Use Case Diagram
Create an OV-2 Class Diagram
Create an OV-3 Table Report
Design an OV-5b Activity Diagram
Design an OV-6c Sequence Diagram
Design a PV-3 Timeline Report
Create an SV-1 Component Diagram
Design an SV-2 Component Diagram
Design an SV-7 Table Report
Design an SV-10b State Diagram
Risk Framework
Data Population Workflow
Handling Method
Risk Attribute Values
Risk Attributes
Risk Category
Risk Category Description
Risk Item
Risk Mitigation
Risk Model
Risk Scope
Risk Status
Risk Type
Risk Weight
Enterprise Asset Framework
Data Population Workflow
Asset Type
Connectivity Types
Location Type
Physical Asset
Point of Contact
Software Installation
Virtual Asset
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