Timeline Content Pane

The Timeline Content Pane contains detailed information about the report selected in the Outlook Bar.
Timeline Content Pane

Time Scale

1. Time Scale
The scale automatically shows the year range based on the data.

Selected Event

2. Selected Event
Event bars are colored (in this example) by the stereotype selected in the report design. This event is gray to show it has been selected; the event details are shown in the information area.


3. Milestone
The diamond indicates a milestone. Milestone text can be toggled on and off through the Ribbon Bar.

Scroll Bar

4. Scroll Bar
The scroll bar can be adjusted to zoom into the timeline. Grab an end of the bar and drag it to the right or left to zoom in or out of the timeline.

Information Area

5. Information Area
The various sections of the information area can be toggled on or off through the Ribbon Bar.
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