Timeline Tab

The Timeline tab allows the user to customize how the data is shown.
Timeline Tab

Selection Group

1. Selection Group
The Selection group provides the option to either view the all of the data or in groups that can be expanded and collapsed; field options include: None, Single, and Multiple. The Expand All and Collapse All buttons are only available when Multiple is selected, and expand or collapse the parent event bars.

Style Group

2. Style Group
When enabled, the Show Milestone Text button shows the milestone name on the timeline. If a Stereotype field was added in the design, then click the Color by Stereotype button to change the timeline bar color options using the Palette drop-down menu.

Date Override Group

3. Date Override Group
The Show Current Date toggle button allows the user to apply a vertical line on the timeline to quickly show today's date. Show Date allows the user to set a specific end date for the view; menu options are: None (end date is chosen from the end date element selected in the report design), Current Date, Fixed Date, Last Update, and Date Generated.

Sequence Group

4. Sequence Group
The Show Sequence button appends a sequence number to the beginning of the name. It is based on start date, end date, and the record name.

Legend Group

5. Legend Group
The Legend group allows the user to toggle on or off sections of the information area in the Content Pane.
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