UML Ribbon Bar – Home Tab

The UML Home tab provides the basic functionality for the UML reports. The Data Model, Report Controls, Import/Export and Artwork groups are covered in the Viewpoint Home Tab topic. The View tab and the Data tab are covered separately.
UML Ribbon Bar – Home Tab

Architecture Group

1. Architecture Group
The Lock to Architecture button locks the selected report to the current architecture; it will not be available to view or edit in other architectures that use the same framework. When Use Dynamic Loading is enabled, the report is not pre-loaded until the user clicks on it for the first time. This can speed up the architecture loading time in Reporter.

Report Details Group

2. Report Details Group
The Report Details group shows the Name and Description of the selected report.

Report Type Group

3. Report Type Group
The Report Type gallery shows the different types of reports available in Architex. Click the down icon to expand the gallery and see the full list of report types.

Configuration Group

4. Configuration Group
The Configuration group is used to design UML and Diagram reports. The buttons available depend on the report type selected, and are covered in various how-to topics.
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