User Authorization

The following steps walk a user, with write access to the module, through authorizing (steps 1–3) and deauthorizing (steps 4–6) a user in User Manager. Remember that users cannot be deleted, only deauthorized.

Authorize a User

1. Once a user account has been created, the user must be authorized before Architex login is permitted. Ensure you are in the Organization/User Manager pane of the Outlook Bar. User accounts that are not authorized are marked with a no symbol . Click on the user you want to authorize.
2. The user's information is displayed in the Content Pane. Click the pencil icon to enable editing. Check the Is Authorized box, and click Save when finished.
3. The user will receive an authorization email letting them know they can now log into Architex.

Deauthorize a User

4. To deauthorize a user, the process is reversed. In the Outlook Bar, select the user to remove access from.
5. Click the pencil icon to edit the user. Uncheck the Is Authorized box to clear it. Click the Save button when finished.
6. The user now displays the deauthorized icon in the Outlook Bar. Users do not receive notification when their account has been deauthorized; however, they will see an error message on the Architex website when they try to log in.
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