User Form

The User form is displayed in the Content Pane when a user is selected in the Outlook Bar.
User Form


1. Edit
Click the pencil icon to edit the fields.

Text Fields

2. Text Fields
The asterisk (*) indicates mandatory fields. All fields can be edited.

Checkbox Fields

3. Checkbox Fields
Is Authorized determines if a user is authorized to log into Architex. This box can either be checked when a new user is added or at a later date. Is Email Confirmed shows if the user has confirmed their email address; this box is not editable. Is Publicly Visible makes that user visible to other users in sibling organizations.

Is Administrator

4. Is Administrator
Checking the Is Administrator box grants the user access to the Designer module, along with write access to all architectures in all modules (the exception being the example architectures). This box is only visible to an IsAdmin-type user. NOTE: Designer access is typically limited to a small subset of users.

Last Login

5. Last Login
This field shows when the user last logged into Architex (based on the UTC time zone); it is not editable. If this field is blank, the user has never logged in to the data service.

Refresh Login

6. Refresh Login
The Refresh Login Date button sets the Last Login Date to the current date. This button is only visible to IsAdmin-type users. If a user knows they have passed their 90-day deactivation date, the IsAdmin-type user can click this button to reset the login date without waiting for the user to try to log in.

Reset MFA

7. Reset MFA
The Reset Multi-factor Authentication button allows the user to redo their authentication information if needed. Each data service is configured differently, and MFA may not be enabled.

Password Reset

8. Password Reset
The Reset Password button sends an email to the user with a link to reset their current password. When a user has not yet been confirmed (Is Email Confirmed is unchecked), the button is Resend Set Password, which sends another email to the user to set their initial password.


9. Save
Click the Save button to save any edits.

Client Access Points

10. Client Access Points
Client access points are only visible to IsAdmin-type users. The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) lists each computer accessing the user account. The data service configuration may restrict the number of FQDNs that are allowed without a warning email to IsAdmin-type users. When a user exceeds the FQDN limit, all IsAdmin-type users for this data service will receive a notification email.
In Edit mode, an IsAdmin-type user can click the Delete column button to permanently remove FQDNs from a user's history. This can be useful to clear old or approved FQDNs to prevent excessive FQDN warning notifications. Click the Save button in order to save any edits.
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