View Record History

The following steps walk a user, with read or write access to the module and architecture, through viewing a record's edit history in Collector.

1. With the desired architecture loaded, ensure you are in the Data Editor pane of the Outlook Bar. Select a node in either the By Viewpoint tab or the A to Z tab.
2. Once in the node (Mission in our example), select the record of interest from the Content Pane. Click the History button in the Ribbon Bar (the button is disabled until a record is selected).
3. A busy indicator is displayed as the history is retrieved.  The Data History window pops up, and shows all record elements with associated data except multi-references. Expand any element to see its history. Details displayed include the date and time of the edit and who made the edit.
4. If you want to revert an element to a previous version, a write user may click the Roll Back button next to the version to reestablish.
5. When viewing the history of a deleted record, an additional field is listed at the top of the window showing who deleted the record and when. You can click the Restore button here to restore the record.
6. A restored record shows a similar field at the top of the history window, showing who restored the record and when.
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