View Tab

The View tab provides style and display functionality for the Gantt view.
View Tab

Tree Group

1. Tree Group
Expand By Level and Collapse By Level expands or collapses the Gantt view structure one level at a time. Expand All and Collapse All expands or collapses all levels in the Gantt. Expand and Collapse affect only the selected item.

Theme Group

2. Theme Group
The Criteria menu provides the ability to select how the projects are colored in the Gantt view: by Status or by Organization. The Theme menu provides the ability to choose the color scheme displayed in the Gantt. Changes made to the default values do not stick between sessions.

Gantt Display Options Group

3. Gantt Display Options Group
Hide Empty Items will not show items that are empty in the different display methods; if By Project is selected in the Home tab, nothing is hidden. Show Redundant Dependencies displays any duplicate dependencies between the same projects. Show FY Columns colors the fiscal year boundaries gray.
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