Viewpoint Ribbon Bar – Home Tab

When a viewpoint is selected in the Outlook Bar, the Ribbon Bar contains three tabs with buttons sorted in groups by functionality. The Home tab is described below. The View tab is covered separately; the Data tab is empty at this time. The Data Model, Report Controls, Import/Export and Artwork groups are the same for every report type, and are only covered here.
Viewpoint Ribbon Bar – Home Tab

Data Model Group

1. Data Model Group
The Select button takes the user back to the landing page, where a different architecture can be loaded. The Reload button reloads the currently selected architecture. The Architecture History button pops up a window where the history of data edits can be viewed.

Report Controls Group

2. Report Controls Group
The New button creates a new report. Copy Current makes a copy of the selected report. The Save Report button saves the report design to the database. Delete permanently deletes the selected report. The Run Bulk Reports button pops up the Report Manager window where multiple reports can be processed at once.

Import/Export Group

3. Import/Export Group
When a diagram is selected, use the Export button to create an XML file of the report. When a viewpoint is selected, use the Import button to bring in an XML file.

Artwork Group

4. Artwork Group
The Artwork Manager button brings up the Artwork Manager window where XAML, PNG, and JPEG files can be imported into the data service. XAML images are vector-based, typically created in Adobe Illustrator, and can be scaled without loss of quality. PNG and JPEG images are bitmap-based and may not display cleanly when scaled; these formats are better used for realistic graphics (rather than line-based drawings).
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