Welcome Page

The welcome page is the first page users see once they have logged in. If you do not see any medallions on your welcome page, contact your Architex administrator.
Welcome Page

Application Menu Bar

The application menu bar is available here and on all module pages.

Module Medallions

The module medallions provide access to each of the Architex modules. A brief explanation of the functionality is provided for each module. Click on a medallion to access the module. Modules can also be accessed by using the Architex Tools drop-down menu in the Application menu bar.
NOTE: If the required Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is not installed, you will be prompted to download and install it when a module is selected.

License Information

Each data service has an associated license file that determines the number of simultaneous users allowed and the expiration date. If the license is set to expire within 30 days, the expiration date appears in red along with a warning and a renewal link. All licenses are floating licenses, which means that they are not tied to a specific user or machine. The Simultaneous Users value indicates the number of users that may be logged in simultaneously, not the number of user accounts allowed on a data service.
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