VERSION NOTES – v2019.2.1211.0



Fixed – Activity reports rendering issues



VERSION NOTES – v2019.2.1119.0


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Gantt displays hierarchy so filtered descendants are still visible



Improved – Table reports display dates and numbers formatted according to data

Fixed – Table reports handle filters of date and number types


Risk Analysis

Fixed – Ribbon options were not visible



VERSION NOTES – v2019.2.0828.0



Fixed – Framework manager comparison and merge issues



Added – Option to show hidden elements in Relationship diagrams



Fixed – Detail report handling of dates with multiple values

Fixed – Correctly set Lock to Architecture when copying a report

Fixed – Select parent when deleting report

Improved – Appearance of diagram shapes, labels appear bold

Improved – Layout of all diagrams

Improved – Bin Packer layout algorithm to calculate space better

Improved – Fork and Join shapes in State diagrams change depending on diagram orientation

Improved – Diagram and thumbnail rendering performance

Fixed – Cross table reports populate data from linked architectures

Added – Validation for configuration of cross table, detail, and table reports

Fixed – Prevent clearing current report content when exporting

Fixed – Issue with Cross Table reports missing data


Risk Analysis

Improved – Quad chart handling strategy information

Added – Risk Rollup, Breakdown, and evolution chart can now be seen for model root

Improved – Changed tiles for risk breakdown view to allow zoom into separate charts

Improved – Visibility of risk posture bars



Improved – Open Change Password in different browser tab to prevent loss of module edits



VERSION NOTES – v2019.1.0412.0



Improved – Export now includes hidden columns to allow paste

Improved – When pasting, column headings are checked and mismatch gives a detailed message of conflicts



Fixed – Prevent elements named ‘ID’

Fixed – Prevent copying base elements

Fixed – Edits to Tooltips and Cascading Filters apply to all inherited nodes

Fixed – References for Inherited elements cannot be edited


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Fiscal Year Quickset dates to use correct start and end dates

Fixed – Loading architecture with Resource Loadings

Improved – Resource Breakdown highlighting

Improved – Fix Gantt range buffer from one year to one month

Changed – Do not load dataset after saving

Added – Cost Total added to pie chart

Fixed – Handle Display Related Items and Display Subsequent Items when task is selected or item is deleted

Fixed – Material resource breakdown utilization



Added – Merged report type

Fixed – Select new tree item when copying report

Fixed – Cached report view is removed when copying architecture for security

Fixed – Artwork manager preview in configuration editor

Fixed – Relational Diagrams self-references

Added – Bulk export of reports through Report Manager Dialog

Fixed – Thumbnail refresh and centering

Added – Ability to render gliding connectors in parallel making visibility easier as lines no longer overlap

Fixed – Diagram fields where multi-references do not get properly resolved causing them to render to wrong object

Fixed – PDF export to allow small canvas and allow margin for overlays


Risk Analysis

Added – 3x5 matrix configuration mode

Fixed – Sharing context menus

Improved – Use dotted line for Consequence if not Implemented in Estimated Burndown chart

Fixed – Tree updates when selecting with breadcrumb


User Manager

Fixed – Prevent spaces in user login names

Fixed – Initialization of module and session history

Added – Ability for administrator to delete previous FQDN access points

Improved – Only send warnings for unapproved FQDN access



Fixed – Background sizing for large resolution monitors



VERSION NOTES – v2018.1.0621.0



Improved – Autofix relationships now corrects broken relationships when pressed instead of setting a toggle

Improved – Viewpoints are sorted alphabetically in both Collector and Designer for consistency

Added – Check columns exist when pasting table

Improved – Allow sorting and filtering on all columns including reference columns

Fixed – Edit issues when cascading reference columns are used

Fixed – Missing reference data when copying to clipboard



Improved – Framework Manager

Updated – Embedded frameworks to match latest release configurations

Improved – Viewpoints are sorted alphabetically in both Collector and Designer for consistency

Improved – Require unique framework names

Fixed – Issues deleting non-default enum

Removed – Document element type


Lifecycle Affordability

Added – Resource Loading costs calculated

Added – Resource Breakdown tab

Added – Daily Resource Cost and Resource Burndown charts to event window Resource Loadings tab

Added – Custom Cost Model Configuration editor for Resource Loadings

Added – Association between Resource Loading and Funding Execution

Added – Ability to set and save Custom Tags

Added – Show resource schedule errors in log and event error details window

Modified – Allow shifting of unfunded projects in past

Updated – Comparison merge handles Resource Loadings, Logical Families, and Custom Tags

Improved – Project filter of Logical Families and Custom Tags applies to tasks as well as projects

Removed – Gantt font, task, and row resizing options

Fixed – Pie chart totals match selected range up to but not including the last month date

Fixed – Check for circular project hierarchy (cannot set in LAM, but can break in Collector)

Fixed – Fiscal Year Quickset options based on last day of fiscal year



Added – Ability to Export Report to file and import into different architecture

Fixed – Handle linked architecture items when exporting reports

Added – Map report

Added – Gantt report type

Fixed – Document reports not using data from base nodes

Added – Ability to overwrite images in artwork manager

Added – Warning message when report has no data

Fixed – Page overlay shows current architecture even if report was copied or imported

Fixed – Error saving new diagram to database

Fixed – Relationship lines not rendering in Entity Relationship diagrams

Fixed – Gap appears on Entity Relationship diagrams under certain circumstances

Fixed – Time phase issues with diagrams

Added – Display warning message when attempting Map report export

Fixed – Cross table reports not displaying enum values


Risk Analysis

Added – Quad chart view tab for risks

Added – Select current month to risk postures

Added – Breadcrumb path for selected risk

Fixed – Handle dependencies to LAM tasks as well as projects

Improved – Risk Evolution chart tracking information pop-up


User Manager

Added – Session History tab with table and timeline of user login sessions

Added – Filtered Range Details to show total number of sessions, maximum daily sessions, maximum licenses used, and total unique users

Fixed – Prevent architecture owner role edits from being performed and display better warning message



Added – Multifactor authentication to access website

Fixed – Handle lost password requests by email

Added – Option to prevent login (in addition to notification) if FQDN count is exceeded



VERSION NOTES – v2017.2.0724.0



Fixed - Issue when switching between custom and other diagram types



VERSION NOTES – v2017.2.0714.0



Added – Filter to show All or Populated nodes

Added – Filtering for multi-reference and multi-enum columns

Fixed – Filtering for reference and enum columns

Fixed – Grouping and sorting for reference and enum columns

Fixed – Alphabetize selected items in multi-reference and multi-enum columns

Fixed – Respect precision when displaying reference and enum items

Fixed – Handling for null dates

Fixed – When show errors is enabled, display [blank] for deleted reference values

Fixed – Alphabetized search results

Removed – Obsolete copy of single record

Fixed – Copy table missing reference and enum values

Fixed – Paste from excel for reference and enum values

Fixed – Reset search when loading architecture

Fixed – Only allow record restore if exactly 1 record is selected

Improved – History retrieval performance

Added – History now shows blank initial values to allow rollback to initial state

Improved – Respect precision when displaying history values

Fixed – Apply default enum values when adding node record

Fixed – Autofix relationship now applies to all columns of current node

Fixed – Set number to zero when number picker is cleared

Fixed – Base class visibility applying to all elements

Fixed – Apply number edits when tabbing away from cell

Fixed – Prevent undo of row edits when clicking Escape key too many times

Fixed – Text history rollback to blank

Fixed – Escape key cancels cell edit and doesn’t affect row

Fixed – Apply reference column and enum column edits immediately



Added – Framework Manager

Fixed – Element Reference configuration uses Update button for changes

Fixed – Deleting node failure

Fixed – Do not clear search when adding, copying, or deleting node

Fixed – Set date enum values

Fixed – Copy element references when copying node

Improved – Set one-to-many to false for new elements

Improved – Element options only switch if type of element changes

Fixed – Multiple alias names cannot be associated to a single category

Fixed – Do not save empty alias values

Fixed – Refresh element list if base node is edited or element is changed

Fixed – Prevent enum edits for inherited elements

Fixed – Prevent enum setting for reference elements

Fixed – If base node or element is renamed, fix name of all inherited nodes and elements

Fixed – Base Class Visibility list includes base item and descendants


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Input of currency prevents comma values

Fixed – Currency is displayed with dollar sign

Fixed – Clear selection if item is not in regenerated gantt

Improved – Show complete enterprise phase / capability range for gantt item regardless of visible filtered projects

Fixed – Prevent database connection error from dialog windows on apply changes

Fixed – Enable/Disable Expand and Collapse ribbon items based on available gantt items

Fixed – Sharing tab visible to all users

Fixed – Load rate cost per use from architecture



Added – Source Architecture tab to all report types

Added – Ability to clear artwork from Custom Visualization

Added – Allow users to reorder the sequence of Custom Visualizations

Added – Option to disable configuration items in reports

Added -  Custom styling of relationship lines

Added – Relationships Information field display multi-references

Added – Maintain added relationship points when refreshing data

Added – Port flow input and output pins to UML diagrams

Fixed – Update date overlays to display date information

Added – Select all relationships method

Fixed – Display of report statistics

Fixed – Saving report with empty descriptions

Fixed – Cross table reports

Fixed – Search fields not clearing

Fixed – Alphabetize search results in thumbnail

Improved – Time phase shows date pickers for exact selection

Fixed – Error dragging report to different viewpoint

Fixed – Automatically select copied report

Fixed – User Date Range in document and dictionary reports

Fixed – Issue where labels on connections become misplaced during Move to Corner

Added – Default initializations for diagram reports

Improved – Bin packer layout algorithm

Fixed – Export data colors not being applied

Fixed – Prevent thumbnail from rendering diagrams with too many objects

Added – Ability to set minimum width for diagram shapes

Fixed – Key filter handling

Fixed – Center sequence diagram message lines

Improved – Position of relationship stereotypes on diagrams

Fixed – Z-Index coloring issue for diagrams

Fixed – Copying filters when copying relationships

Fixed – Labels for shapes with different icon types

Added – Architecture custom visualization filters for relationships

Improved – PDF export

Fixed – Reset unsaved default values when loading a different report

Fixed – Z-index coloring issues in diagrams

Fixed – Missing target connectors for Entity Relationship lines

Fixed – Disconnected connections when switching between Parallel and Straight router

Fixed – Exporting of table, detail, and dictionary reports losing template

Fixed – Update shape size issues, exclude shapes with fixed size

Fixed – Component ports appeared as blue dots when loading reports

Fixed – PDF export issue with Use Case Diagrams

Fixed – Styling of relationship lines

Fixed – Display warning if report contains references to unlinked architectures


Risk Analysis

Fixed – Refresh of risk matrix and timeline after edits

Fixed – Refresh risk model and rollup items when switching to Viewer

Fixed – Static scale in risk evolution

Fixed – Risk evolution tooltip if score is maximum

Fixed – Update burndown charts when mitigation is deleted

Fixed – Dragging risk in tree

Fixed – Handle blank project total costs when calculating risk rollup

Fixed – PDF export for missing burndown lines

Fixed – Handle loading when blank category description is added

Fixed – Database error deleting mitigation

Fixed – Update charts when switching from Designer to Viewer


User Manager

Added – Option to prevent users from logging in from unauthorized locations and notify administrator of attempt

Improved – Remove from all modules removes from User Manager as well

Fixed – Warn and logout after current user change



Added – Global architecture history

Fixed – Sharing panel issues dragging to assign

Fixed – Error assigning colors to many frameworks

Fixed – Update architecture carousel when architecture is added



Added – Minimum password length configuration option

Improved – Require secure mail relay

Improved – Use encryption for database connection

Fixed – Content is hidden for forced logout

Improved – Addressed multiple possible security concerns



VERSION NOTES – v2017.1.0308.0



Fixed – Display of column group headers

Fixed – Allow paste into node with zero records

Fixed – Data Export dialog hangs on cancel



Fixed – Tooltip options saved without clearing other options

Fixed – Loading of element reference selection

Fixed – Display of Alias column selector


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Database update issue when editing projects

Fixed – Issue creating new project without changing start date

Fixed – Sharing tab visible only to architecture owner

Fixed – Clear charts and thresholds when filter changes or is cleared

Fixed – Gantt font resizing



Fixed – Rendering of arrow heads in Entity Relationship diagrams

Fixed – Rendering of Entity Relationship diagrams using Related by Nodes option

Fixed – Layout selected process

Fixed – Issue where parent nodes were not properly filtered

Fixed – Report statistics user names error

Fixed – Report statistics when architecture does not have reports

Fixed – Source architecture settings when copying current report

Fixed – Source architecture settings when locking to different architecture

Fixed – Report editor panel display after copying current report

Fixed – End Angle display and automatic adjustment to ensure it follows Start Angle

Fixed – Sequence diagram dividers order when Use Renumbering option is enabled


Risk Analysis

Fixed – Exception when loading risk

Fixed – Initialization of Risk Viewer tabs

Fixed – Warning of missing matrix data when last mitigation is deleted



Improved – Updated FAQ help section



VERSION NOTES – v2017.1.0131.0



Fixed – Text column updates from blank value

Added – Cascading drop down support with tooltips

Added – Tooltip selection support

Fixed – Bulk paste records handle carriage return of reference items

Fixed – Text editing with Spell Checker enabled

Fixed – Duplicate data issue when pasting table

Fixed – Allow pasting to tables with zero rows

Fixed – Display of reference item boxes when list is extremely large



Added – Support for XMI import and export

Added – Prevent duplicate node names

Added – Cascading drop down support

Added – Tooltip selection support

Added – Icons to combobox to show element/node types

Modified – Redesigned Reference tab


Lifecycle Affordability

Modified – Chart timeline initializes to the date range of loaded data

Modified – Chart labels are hidden by default

Modified – Endpoint/Waypoint concept is replaced with Enterprise Phase

Fixed – Update filter list items after any edits

Fixed – Issue applying edits from dialogs



Fixed – Replace Search with Filter for text based reports

Added – Copy Element capability

Added – Option to rotate headers of Cross Tables to improve readability

Added – Remove Orphans set by default for State and Sequence diagrams

Added – Allow filtering on source architecture for Custom reports

Added – Allow Source Architecture styling for diagrams other than Custom

Fixed – Source architecture options are set on copied reports when copying architecture

Fixed – Handle blank source architecture selections in older reports

Fixed – Behavior of Report Stats dialog

Fixed – Error for older Timeline reports without assigned architectures

Added – Last user information is Report Stats

Fixed – Switching from UML to text report type


Risk Analysis

Added – Default date for new risks and mitigations is created date

Added – Include linked architecture risks for Associated Risks selection

Added – Show alert when initial mitigation step has an associated project

Fixed – Select correct matrix mode based on loaded architecture



Improved – Performance when retrieving data

Improved – Linked architectures in carousel details are sorted alphabetically

Improved – Updated Report issue form to use checkboxes for relevant module

Added – Ability to attach files with Report issue



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.1219.0



Fixed – Text column updates from blank value

Fixed – Text column editing when spell checker is enabled

Fixed – Display of Date and DateTime enum values



Fixed – Editing Date and DateTime enum values


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Visibility of Analysis tab

Fixed – Quarterly interval for charts timeline based on fiscal year start date

Improved – Allow manual edits of projects and tasks in the past

Fixed – Home tab is activated when comparison is closed

Fixed – Display of comparison gantt

Added – Comparison handling of nested projects and tasks

Added – Comparison handling of Resources, Labor Categories and Rates, and Resource loadings

Fixed – Enabled Show only Differences option



Fixed – Initialization of Cross Table reports

Fixed – Chart report error with certain data types

Fixed – BinPacker vertical options

Fixed – Artwork filters using Stereotype

Fixed – Artwork/Style applied to nodes which utilize a Key filter

Fixed – Issue where refreshing data causes shapes to become containers

Fixed – Text wrapping in class shapes

Fixed – Refreshing of relationships when collapsing fields

Fixed – Child objects do not assume the date range of the relationship

Fixed – Source Architecture is respected when applying styles to relationships

Added – Gap length option for Chart reports

Fixed – Table reports handle multi references

Fixed – Auto color options saved between sessions

Modified – Relational Diagrams allow users to resize class shapes

Modified – Relational Diagrams selection mode defaults to Extended

Improved – State diagrams create Join/Choice shapes automatically

Fixed – PDF export of actors in use case and sequence diagrams

Fixed – Height for shapes without fields

Added – Allow styling of shapes in diagrams based on source architecture

Fixed – Overlapping messages in sequence diagrams

Fixed – Fields in Custom Packages were not rendered as shapes

Fixed – Rendering of relationship lines from cached report

Fixed – Key filters on multi reference values

Fixed – Display of Object diagrams

Added – Ability to toggle stereotype on relationship lines

Fixed – Alignment issues in Sequence diagrams when using actor shapes

Fixed – Rounded corners option hidden for straight routing types

Improved – Zoom and position for diagrams are saved

Improved – Option to align labels to connections

Fixed – Timeline reports show source architecture tab

Fixed – Obsolete report warning is not shown for new reports

Fixed – Relational Diagram export full PNG

Fixed – Timeline element types default to Event type

Fixed – Forest layout angles

Fixed – Collapse/Expand in Diagrams

Fixed – Linked architectures handling

Fixed – Resolution of duplicated shapes when refreshing data

Fixed – Filters for parent

Fixed – Gliding connectors in certain diagram types

Improved – Remove Duplicates is default setting for new reports

Improved – Expand/Collapse activity diagrams from ribbon

Fixed – Alignment of diagram labels in State diagram

Improved – Parallel router to improve line overlap and crossings


User Manager

Fixed – Prevent removal of last active administrator from organization by moving or de-authorizing

Fixed – Retain linked architectures when changing architecture owner



Improved – Handling of dates from data service

Improve – Carousel search timer and select front item for immediate load

Improved – Capture of user interactions to prevent unintended logout

Fixed – Linked references when copying architecture



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.1104.0



Fixed – Add scrollbar for reference items so all selected items can be seen regardless of row height

Added – Use tooltip information for dropdown menu items

Improved – Performance retrieving data for nodes



Fixed – Redraw enum table when type is changed

Fixed – Allow dragging of viewpoint to different framework

Fixed – Consistently update content based on selected tree item

Added – Use tooltip information for dropdown menu items

Fixed – Number enums respect precision

Added – XMI import and export functionality


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Load and save of Labor Category and Resource Loading

Fixed – Floating project manager window when switching tabs

Added – Indicate required fields in edit windows

Fixed – PDF export

Added –Support for custom defined Fiscal Year start dates

Fixed – Setting Fiscal Year quickset



Fixed – Bin Packer sorting issues

Fixed – Step trace for containers

Fixed – Issue where custom diagrams did not properly create fields if other objects were in child/parent configurations for the same object

Fixed – Auto color for pivot charts

Fixed – Document reports show data from linked architectures

Fixed – Rendering of Entity Relationship diagrams

Fixed – Stereotype override for fields with multiple items

Fixed – Filter by stereotype results

Fixed – Saved width and height of shapes

Improved – Alphabetical sorting for diagrams

Added – Resizing of shapes with text

Fixed – Shapes became disconnected if users manually resized in diagrams

Fixed – Disconnected connections when switching router types (Org Tree/Gliding)

Fixed – Number precision and Date handling for Charts

Fixed – Prevent artwork improperly displayed on base items

Fixed – Handling of Remove Duplicates filter option

Fixed – Rendering of Use Case actor bodies

Modified – Information headers in Diagrams now align properly when being exported

Modified – Move to corner now executes when changing the page margins in diagrams

Modified – Show Page Overlay and Show Header does not cause re-layout

Modified – Page margin does not default if not previously set

Fixed – Connections are properly translated when using Move to Corner with diagrams

Fixed – Report types did not revert to prior setting if user selected different report but canceled operation

Fixed – Missing icons for certain field types

Modified – Default layout for Entity Relationship diagrams changed from Grid to MindmapHorizontal

Modified – Informational overlays and watermarks appear on top of all shapes instead of behind


Risk Analysis

Fixed – Saving associated risks and projects for new risks/mitigations

Fixed – Zoom bar visibility based on active tab

Fixed – Crash when handling empty data for Risk Scope, Status, and Workflow

Added – If no data is available, Risk Matrix doesn’t show empty matrix

Improved – Display of information panel if item has no associated risks or mitigations

Fixed – Gantt size fills content on load

Fixed – Prevent associating risk to itself



Improved – Performance of Copy Architecture

Improved – Performance when deleting architecture

Added – Save Dynamic Loading option for reports when copying architecture

Added – Save Matrix Mode option when copying risk architecture

Improved – Prevent logging in to two sessions within single browser window (which caused immediate logout)

Fixed – Framework legend after refreshing architectures

Improved – Users are sorted by name regardless of authorized/deauthorized status

Improved – Collapse All collapses all sub-levels

Added – Logging support for all modules to help diagnose reported issues



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.1006.0



Fixed – Copy of Enum element appears in tree immediately


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Chart timebar selected range label

Fixed – Dialogs for resource loadings show valid data



Fixed – Ribbon items visibility based on report type

Fixed – Rendering of relational diagrams

Fixed – Path elements cannot have the option to set as primary

Fixed – Cross Table PDF export

Added – Filtering on table data

Fixed – Filtering for Document reports

Fixed – Rendering of Sequence diagrams

Fixed – Import of multiple artwork items

Fixed – Artwork sorting

Fixed – Nested trees appear in alphabetical order

Fixed – Memory exception for certain diagram configurations

Fixed – Stereotype override requires selected stereotype element

Fixed – Orphaned objects were not removed from diagrams under certain configurations



Fixed – Ability to add risk from root

Fixed – Busy Indicator when deleting risk

Fixed – Prevent dragging in gantt and creating an undesired relation

Fixed – Duplicate warning messages when navigating from edit item

Fixed – Risk editor panel width issues

Added – Risk panels show no data message when risk is empty

Fixed – Alignment of matrix color transitions

Fixed – Single selection of tree items


User Manager

Fixed – Drag and drop user from tree for module and architecture access

Fixed – Non-admin cannot use tree to assign organization

Fixed – Assigning or removing all roles do not apply to Designer and User Manager modules



Added – Custom messages on site login page

Improved – Display of busy indicator



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.0831.0



Changed - Data Export dialog box now has "Show References" selected by default

Fixed – Issue when entering only a year into a date field caused the value to become null

Fixed – Text columns now have a maximum width set by default to prevent text from running off the screen’

Added – Grid now has a spellchecker allowing users to perform a check before data is saved to database

Added – Data export now has an option to save only "Base Node Records Only" on export

Added – Relational diagrams can now show users linked nodes

Fixed - Entity Relationship Diagrams do not have backgrounds set on shapes

Fixed - Display architecture name in reference helper

Added - Allow text wrapping during input in Collector

Fixed – Copying large architectures could cause duplicate records to appear

Fixed - Data Export could crash when switching to A/Z mode under certain conditions

Added - Automatically set default enum value for new records

Fixed – Purge Deleted did not refresh the content pane

Fixed – Pasting an incorrect enum value caused an error message

Fixed – Users were unable to paste data in when spell checker was enabled

Fixed – Deleting all records in a table did not properly update the footer of the grid

Fixed – Content pane did not properly refresh for relational diagrams

Changed - Element aliases are now associated by node instead of by element

Changed – Fixed security related issue in sharing where users could find unauthorized users by email

Fixed – Issue where Add button functionality stopped working after Refresh Data was clicked

Fixed – Issue where History was not working as expected



Added – Users can now search in the Associated Nodes tab for nodes

Added – Users can now filter Reference Selection for Elements

Fixed - Generating a base class diagram in relational diagrams locks up the system

Changed - New elements now default to "Visible" in element visibility

Fixed – Issue where users became unable to add or remove nodes from viewpoint

Fixed - Thumbnail does not refresh in Relational Diagram when moving objects around

Fixed - Page overlay/Show Grid options for relational diagrams did not work as intended

Fixed – Issue in Node Editor where Node Type was not displaying properly under certain conditions

Fixed – Issue where Alias category appear blank after setting it.

Fixed - Help button is disconnected

Fixed – Relational Diagrams using “Utilized By” mode did not properly render

Fixed - Users can select multiple items in the Node tree making editing difficult

Added - Automatically set default enum value for new records

Changed - Element aliases are now associated by node instead of by element


Lifecycle Affordability

Changed – Expand/Collapse functionality moved to View Ribbon Tab

Changed – New grid splitters were not rendering properly

Changed - Dataset's owner information now displayed on carousel page

Changed - Non-owners no longer see the pencil icon on shared data sets

Changed – Users were unable to add a task before the current date

Fixed – Shared template owners were showing up as unknown in dataset information

Fixed – Projects did not always show the correct duration in days

Fixed – Zoom controls in status bar were not working as expected

Added – Users can now add Resources to Projects/Tasks

Fixed - Autosave group visible again for an architecture

Fixed – Users could no longer open a project or dependency by clicking on it in the Gantt

Fixed – Imported data from Microsoft Project did not properly display until user saved architecture

Added – Users can now import data from Microsoft Project into LAM

Fixed - LAM Architecture load causes an error under certain conditions

Added - Add ability to change imported Microsoft Project lowest level events from Projects to Tasks

Updated – Updated chart controls to improve functionality and features

Added – Users can now show/hide numbers in ""Estimated Costs for the selected period"

Changed – Architectures and Datasets now appear in the same item carousel

Added – Users can now edit Organizations from the ribbon

Changed - Pie Chart legend is now selected by default

Added – Users now have the ability to add/edit Resources for projects

Fixed – Issue where users with write access could not edit



Fixed – PDF Export to PDF under certain scenarios would cause errors

Fixed - PDF Export did not properly round the corners of rectangles for certain reports

Fixed – PDF Export did not properly respect scaling causing certain shapes to appear larger/smaller than desired

Added – Users can now select which Linked Architecture(s) to include as a data source when generating reports

Fixed - Source Architectures did not Initialize when creating new reports

Fixed – Issue where Size and Center allowed diagrams to overlap overlay information

Fixed – Issue where fixed date in Timeline reports did not work correctly when using milestones

Fixed - Issue where Vertical Swimlane layout did not render the desired results

Fixed – Issue when filtering nodes based on empty values did not return expected results

Fixed – Chart reports date row labels were not properly saved

Fixed – Cross Table reports did not save properly when filtering for empty values

Fixed – Horizontal and Vertical separation values were reversed when using Horizontal Swimlane Layout

Fixed – Report Overlay information was too low and appeared on top of diagram shapes

Fixed – Issue where some diagram elements would appear greyed out until the mouse hovered over the shape

Fixed – Issue where Org Tree router did not properly work when refresh diagram was selected

Fixed – Issue where ER Diagrams did not properly render

Added – Report Statistics now displays description information

Fixed – Report Statistics export option did not work as expected

Fixed – Elements and cross-reference in cross-table design did not display correctly

Fixed – Lock to Architecture did not properly set when creating new reports

Fixed – Issue where table reports would not always render with all data under certain conditions

Fixed – New Detail and Table reports did not initialize with search options set

Fixed – Timeline reports did not properly export to PDF properly

Fixed – Issue where Relational Diagrams “By Viewpoint” tab may display incorrect framework under certain conditions

Fixed – Issue where cross tables displayed obsolete error message every time report was selected

Fixed – Report configuration form was not rendering properly for Table Reports

Fixed – Issue where obsolete reports would prevent reporter from operating correctly

Fixed - Selecting Table Report in Viewer causes white screen if report was old

Fixed – Selection mode drop-down was not populated correctly for Timeline reports

Fixed – Report configuration form for Dictionary reports did not display correctly information

Fixed – Users could edit a report design without having to click the edit icon first

Added – Users can select Source Architecture(s) for relationships

Fixed - Source Data Tab reappeared on Data Source Setup for Filters

Fixed - Save to Database did not properly save a cached version of diagram

Fixed – Certain layout options did not stick properly for diagrams

Changed – Reports are now internally versioned requiring users to update/regenerate reports

Fixed - Self Reference messages in Sequence Diagrams did not render properly

Fixed – Issues with thumbnail viewers not properly updating after refreshing certain diagrams

Fixed – Issues where diagrams did not render properly when using the Grid Layout option

Fixed – Issue where Save to Database could hang when saving large diagrams

Fixed – Refreshing complex diagrams could cause inaccurate results

Fixed – Refreshing sequence diagrams under certain conditions could cause the system to hang

Fixed - Copying a report did not properly copy the source architecture settings

Fixed – Data Tab was missing from Report Designer

Fixed – Relational diagrams A to Z tab showed more nodes than those included in the current framework

Changed - Show Date option is now adjusted by user

Added – Users can now select a shape and layout only associated shapes from the current position of the shape

Added – Artwork Manager now has a busy indicator when loading/importing multiple files

Added – Table reports can now repeat the header row when tables cross pages

Added – Dates can now be displayed when performing a time phase in diagrams

Added – New diagram report type called Custom allows users to add custom artwork to a diagram

Fixed - Relationship lines did not properly fade in and out with Time Phase (analysis tab)

Fixed - Reference boxes in Sequence Diagrams would get cut off with long descriptions

Fixed - Tip-Over Tree would cause an exception to occur under certain conditions

Fixed - BinPacker layout mode did not layout nested containers correctly

Fixed - Saved report obsolete message appears when changing to a text report

Fixed - Association line in diagrams was incorrectly shown as Dependency Line

Added – Users can now show all values for tables within Detail Reports

Changed – Context menus for Timeline reports have been removed

Fixed - Show Current Date disappears after Refresh Timeline

Updated – Reworked many icons in reporter

Fixed - Select Highlighted button in the analysis tab in reporter has incorrect tooltip

Fixed – Source Architecture is now editable when edit has been selected

Fixed - Bin Packing sort options were not being respected

Changed – Watermarks for diagrams now appear at the front of the diagram instead of behind

Changed – The outlook bar will now auto size to fit its contents better

Changed – Show Grid is no longer enabled by default for new diagrams

Changed – Updated labels on multiple forms to improve consistency

Updated - Layout options are now streamlined for selected layout mode

Improved – Reworked algorithm which identifies the first nodes in a diagram to improve layout of diagram

Added – Watermarks will now dynamically resize based on size of current window or size of diagram

Added – User can now select to export the current viewport or full timeline reports

Fixed - Artwork Items did not wrap text in Custom Visualization configuration

Added – System will notify users when bad date data in the timeline report exists

Fixed – Watermarks would not properly center in the diagram window

Fixed – When exporting a PNG with a slash in the name would cause the reporter to crash

Fixed - Compound Path shapes did not export to PDF in SL properly

Fixed – When loading artwork with embedded fonts that did not exist on the local system could cause a crash

Fixed - Class Diagrams would hangs after repeated refresh and expand objects/layout

Fixed – Table Reports would not properly initialize the search functions for new reports

Fixed - Export Full would cut off the bottom of a timeline if the scroll viewer was visible

Fixed - Rendering/loading diagrams in Reporter has significant lag



Fixed – Wrong font size for Projects - Information tab of Risk Mitigation

Added – New risk matrix modes for 1x5, 5x1, 3x4

Fixed – Risk Outlook bar did not retain its expanded state

Fixed – Issue where Risk Postures scroll selector would disappear

Fixed – Issue where Risk Postures did not respect the risk horizon

Fixed – Selected Risk did not properly show in tree

Changed – Added Likelihood and Consequence values to Risk Matrix Mode dropdown

Fixed – Likelihood category pulldowns would appear blank under certain circumstances

Fixed – Users were unable to export to PNG

Fixed – Issues where newer matrix modes could cause visibility issues in Risk Matrix grid

Fixed – Risk Matrix squares were not always square for certain Risk Matrix modes

Changed – Consistent use of "Planned" in the Risk Module

Fixed – Maintain visual cue of risk selection when tree is redrawn

Fixed – The risk treeview is losing the selection after changing the sort

Changed – Calculation Mode group is no longer visible to Risk Viewers

Fixed – Show projects linked to risks, regardless of cost record

Changed – Update labels of Mitigation and Risk Parent data forms to improve consistency

Added – Add Consequence if not Implemented to Risk Viewer for Child Risk and Mitigation

Fixed – Improved consistency of colors used in the Risk Module

Fixed – Issue where Project Dependencies became broken

Fixed – Risk tabs reset back to initial tab even if viewing object of the same type

Fixed – Risk Matrix was not properly initializing on first click

Changed – "Reorder Mitigations by Date" now uses End Date instead of Start Date


User Manager

Added – Framework name to Architecture information

Fixed - Collapse Button not working properly

Fixed – Dropdown menu for organizations did not update/appear after adding a user

Fixed – Adding an Organization could cause an error under certain conditions

Fixed - FQDN recording was not working as expected

Changed - FQDN list is showing up for UM Write users. Should only be seen by IsAdmin-type users

Fixed - Deleted Organization appears when filter is applied

Changed - Removed Framework information from the Status Bar

Changed – Moved accordion control to the bottom of the Module Access content pane



Improved – Reworked ribbons for Relational Diagrams to be consistent across all modules

Improved – Busy indicators and their display times are improved

Changed – Current Data Set and Current Architecture information are now properly handled in status bars

Added - Thumbnail viewers now display number of items in search box

Changed – Thumbnails viewers now sort shape types alphabetically

Changed – Base Fields seems to only to Base Class --> gray out button for other types

Updated – Icons for Refresh Data and Layout for Diagrams

Fixed - New architecture not brought to focus upon creation

Fixed – Issues where Sharing did not work as expected

Fixed - New architecture description did not save properly after initial creation

Fixed - Framework information missing from Status Bar in modules

Fixed - Copy architecture fails to copy records correctly

Fixed – Issue where users were unable to share an architecture

Fixed - Export full did not render properly for Relational Diagrams if shapes appeared outside of 0,0 bounds

Fixed - Relational diagrams did not render properly if thumbnail viewer was collapsed

Fixed - Relational diagrams class objects would collapse after clicking on a node in the bring into view window

Fixed - Relational Diagrams Reference by Node would crashes under certain types when referencing items outside of the current framework

Added – Users can now search within relational diagrams view

Added - Relational Diagrams can now show link to related nodes in other frameworks

Added – Relational Diagrams can now show where nodes are referenced

Changed – Reworked all Expand/Collapse buttons to improve consistency across all modules

Added – All carousel items are now color-coded based on their framework

Added – "Framework Filter" added to allow easier sorting of carousel on landing page

Added - Show additional information about selected architecture, below the carousel

Added - Show Active/Deleted Node Record counts in Architecture carousel

Added - Add Architecture Search feature to carousel

Added - No Copy option for architectures where owners can prevent other users from creating copies

Added - Copy references to linked architectures when copying architecture

Changed – All ribbons are now disabled when the module becomes busy to prevent user input

Added – Users can now perform a “bulk copy" of architectures with additional options

Fixed – Users could experience times where they were logged out before actual time was completed



Changed – All passwords are now encrypted using SHA3 – Requires users to update/change their password

Fixed – Issue under certain browsers where Captcha image was not readable

Changed - Remove Forum from the Help menu

Updated - Wording on Architex login page was updated

Added - Specific License Expiration Warning/Notification

Added - License information is now displayed on welcome screen

Added - Link to Exostrategies home page from Architex

Fixed - Incorrect links for FAQ and Tutorial


VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.0616.0



Improved – Added text wrapping for text columns

Added – When using reference helper, items from linked architecture display architecture name

Added – Tooltips for column headers to describe column

Added – Spell checker support

Added – Allow option for Base Node Records Only on Data Export



Added – Ability to set a default enum value which is automatically set for new records

Added – Convert existing items when element type is changed


Lifecycle Affordability

Improved – Charts appearance, link series between area and pie charts

Added – Ability to import data from Microsoft Project output file

Added – Ability to change imported items between Project and Task before saving to database

Improved – Merged architecture and dataset carousels



Improved – Layout and routing options

Added – Custom artwork manager for importing and editing XML and PNG artwork files

Added –Custom report type which can assign artwork to shapes based on filter criteria

Fixed – Issue where notes didn’t appear in Thumbnail search

Fixed – Refresh of collapsed thumbnail

Fixed – Span of timeline extended to show fixed date

Added – Display warning when timeline has bad data

Fixed – Trace highlighting

Added – Ability to perform layout on selected objects only

Added – Option to select highlighted objects

Improved – Watermark appears on top of diagram objects

Fixed – Styling of Entity Relationship diagram shapes

Fixed – Issue where expanding/collapsing shapes didn’t update connections

Fixed – State Diagrams resolve Start/End nodes properly

Fixed – State Diagrams contain Start/End in each State block

Fixed – Relational Diagram overlay options

Improved –Show linked nodes (even to other architectures) and specific elements in relational diagrams

Added – Multiple header support for table reports

Fixed – PNG export with slash(/) in the name

Improved – Selection and description of report types

Added –Ability to filter by architecture



Added – Consequence to Risk children and risk mitigations information panels

Added – Option to reorder mitigations by start or end dates, applies only to selected item

Fixed – Planned burndown displays projects with zero costs

Added – Export options gallery


User Manager

Added – Framework name to Architecture information



Added – Architecture carousel items now identify framework by unique colors

Improved – Ability to sort architectures, group by framework, and search by name

Added – Information panel for selected architecture with owner, number of records, and linked architectures

Added – Ability for architecture owner to lock architecture to prevent copies

Added – Options panel for copying architecture with linked architectures

Improved – PDF export rendering of shapes, lines, and text

Fixed – Layout and scaling of PDF export

Improved – Apply common theme



Added – Display of license information on Welcome screen

Added – Notification for scheduled maintenance



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.0606.0



Added – Spell checker support

Improved – Element aliases affect only current node and are not inherited

Fixed – Date and Number columns are maintained after setting alias



Improved – New reports reset information instead of using settings from previous report

Improved – Layout of certain diagram types

Improved – Dynamic scale of watermarks in diagrams

Fixed – PDF export of lifelines in sequence diagrams



Fixed – Copy architecture to handle blank dates

Fixed – Copy architecture to copy locked reports



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.0525.0



Fixed – Filtered Date Ranges for Relationships in Diagrams

Fixed – Issue where ref boxes in sequence diagrams overlap existing message



Added – ability to clear selection from drop down lists on Data Forms



Improved – Text fields in Data Forms wrap text by default

Fixed – Relational diagrams don’t perform layout on export

Fixed – Wrap text within box for PDF export



VERSION NOTES – v2016.2.0512.0



Fixed – Pasting Records with TEXT in Number Field causes crash

Fixed – Pasting Records with TEXT in Date field causes today's date to be inserted

Fixed – Show Grid button was not working as expected in Relational Diagram

Fixed – Refresh Data button became disabled after Delete clicked

Fixed – Architecture modification date does not update after a record is deleted

Fixed – Add Record button becomes disabled after Refresh Data clicked

Fixed – Pasting a record in causes blank content pane

Fixed – Make Base Classes Read Only is only affecting nodes loaded from the “By Viewpoint” tab

Fixed – DateTime and Date do not save properly when you hit enter or leave the cell the default

Fixed – DateTime element type did not display time correctly

Fixed – Relational Diagrams - Field Names overlap the Column Headers

Fixed – Setting the Base Class Visibility in Designer does not filter choices down in Collector



Fixed – Changes to Base Class Visibility shouldn't apply to all base class elements

Fixed – Changes to Base Class Visibility so all options apply by current node only

Fixed – Base Class selection cleared after editing a node

Fixed – Date Enum element configuration includes time value

Fixed – Number Enum element configuration does not respect chosen precision

Fixed – Setting the Base Class Visibility in Designer does not filter choices down in Collector

Fixed – Prevent Element names from having a number at the beginning of the name

Fixed – Relational Diagrams do not render for Frameworks

Fixed – Remind user to set a Node Type before exiting edit

Fixed – Fixed issue where “Utilized By” function in Relational Diagrams was working in as expected

Fixed – Added a date time picker for DateTime Enum options

Improved – Optimized Designer service to improve element edits at the service

Fixed – Automatically set default Enum value for new records


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Editing a project causes the entire tree to "expand all"

Fixed – Allow carriage returns in Project Information window, Description tab

Fixed – UI Changes to improve terminology

Fixed – Hide or Rename Auto Save group in Ribbon Bar when an architecture is loaded

Fixed – Importing a non-compatible XML file in Compare tab did not give a warning error

Fixed – Missing Information dialog box should wrap text to be more readable

Fixed – Migrate charts from RadChart to RadChartView

Fixed – Chart TimeBar scale is now set based on current chart display mode

Fixed – Fix issue where scale of TimeBar sparkline caused chart to be unreadable

Fixed – Event Missing Information dialog box should wrap text to be more readable

Fixed – Exception occurred when adjusting to Money Category Funding Dates

Fixed – Chart tab does not display any graphics

Fixed – Expanding an item in Cost Thresholds tab causes system to crash

Fixed – Cost Chart graphic does not display in Cost Thresholds tab



Fixed – Diagrams need to support one to many -> one -> one to many

Improved – Table reports load time was excessively long for certain reports (AV-2 in particular)

Fixed – Annotations in timeline reports would overlap causing readability issues

Added – Users can now "Align Middle" to get shapes to align by the center of the object in diagrams

Fixed – Self Messages in Sequence diagrams did not render properly

Fixed – Refresh Data on diagrams where containers were nested caused undesired layout to occur

Added – Show Date options were added to Timeline other data driven report types

Fixed – Refresh data on State Diagrams did not preserve the existing positions of containers

Changed – Containers now try to utilize the full space for displaying text in the header of the shape

Fixed – State Diagram did not render orphan objects

Fixed – New Report does not initialize correctly (Save Report not available)

Fixed – State Diagram - Start/End dots inside parent states under certain circumstances

Fixed – User Date Range not working for component diagram

Fixed – Auto Route using the Org Tree router was not respected during Refresh Diagram

Fixed – Remove Source Data tab from Table Report Search

Fixed – Object diagrams did not properly display fields inside their shapes

Fixed – Component Margin and Radial group buttons were not functioning as expected when using Balanced Radial Forest layout mode

Fixed – Changing between Horizontal and Vertical Sugiyama layout did not change the orientation of the diagram

Fixed – Table Reports did not export to PDF properly

Fixed – Reports did not properly retrieve data from architectures linked to the current architectures

Fixed – Sequence diagrams missing horizontal and vertical separation options

Fixed – Refresh Data did not work as expected with State Diagram

Fixed – Overlap of nested shapes occurred when using Grid or Balanced Radial Forest layouts

Fixed – Grid routing causes system to freeze due to grid size being too small

Fixed – Org Tree Router did not properly reset/refresh after selected a Router Type

Fixed – Some ribbon functions became disconnected for newly created Document reports

Fixed – UI improvements to icons and tooltips for many ribbon items

Fixed – Order of nodes in sequence diagram changes between newly generated to cached

Fixed – SimpleER had two separate Routing Settings groups in the Ribbon Bar

Fixed – Toggling Advanced Features button affected the Relational Diagram pane

Fixed – Remove Port from Node Type list in State diagram

Fixed – Remove Data tab from Detail Ribbon Bar (in Report Designer pane)

Fixed – Field Sort option does not work as expected in Table/Detail reports

Fixed – Remove Source Data tab for Text based report Filters

Fixed – Disconnected Ribbon Bar and right-click functionality for Text reports

Fixed – Diagram Routing options did not properly initialize when loading a saved diagram

Fixed – Loaded diagrams where a prior trace was performed and saved did not persist correctly

Fixed – Pivot/Chart Setup tab should not show a form when header selected

Fixed – Fixed issue where date ranges with only one value set caused incorrect results to be returned

Fixed – Required fields for Detail reports will not allow filter to be saved

Fixed – Add Ability to Share a Locked Report to linked Architectures

Fixed – Increase Users' Ability to Zoom Out on Diagrams (limited on Silverlight to 20000px)

Fixed – Table reports crash if there is not a text header in the report

Fixed – Some connectors disconnected after Refresh Diagram when thumbnail viewer is not active

Fixed – Rounded Corners not respected on all relationship lines during PDF export

Updated – Set default border to black for all shapes

Fixed –ER diagrams formatting, column label, table shapes, and missing relationship lines

Added – TipOverTree for diagrams

Fixed – Expanding/collapsing shapes update connections

Fixed – Timeline current date and annotations display

Fixed – Resolve start/end nodes in State diagrams

Fixed – PDF export where relationship line text rendering

Improved – Exporting to PDF and PNG bounds trimming and sharp results for large diagrams



Fixed – Risk Information tab for Aggregate Risk displays incorrectly

Fixed – Workflow status not populated for copied mitigations

Fixed – Copy and Delete Risk buttons should not appear active when Risk Registry is selected

Fixed – Zoom controls erroneously appear in Status Bar for Risk Designer

Fixed – Add Reorder Mitigations by End Date

Fixed – 5x5 does not show last row/column

Fixed – Copied Risk shows valid dates on copy, but changes to null (1/1/0001) when reloaded

User Manager

Fixed –  Include Account Authorized in filter choices

Fixed –  Allow admin to login into User Manager even if license capacity is reached

Fixed –  FQDN warning notification now go to administrators as well as Issue Reporting Address

Fixed –  Right click menu for UM access should not include Remove All modules except UM

Fixed –  Lifecycle Affordability is spelled wrong

Fixed –  Remove context menu Item named "Remove from All Modules" for Organizations

Fixed –  Fixed issue where FQDN did not record/update properly

Fixed – (Firefox only) Reassigning an architecture owner results in a "Ready" message and grayed-out screen

Fixed –  Ready message in Firefox after assigning architecture owner

Fixed –  Changing owner of architecture breaks linkages to existing architectures

Fixed –  Users were not prevented from using a previously used password

Fixed –  Inaccurate warnings for disallowed password reset entries



Improved - Add retry handling for service calls to prevent data corruption during times when connection becomes intermittent

Fixed – PDF Export of Gantt views where the relationship loops back on itself produces incorrect output size

Fixed – Logout from Reporter did not cause a logout to occur in other module sessions

Fixed – Viewpoints Relational Diagram did not display all relationships correctly

Fixed – Relational diagram Thumbnails did not properly clear when switching between architectures

Fixed – Make the Ribbon Group consistent for relational diagrams

Fixed – Architecture copy does not preserve linkages

Fixed – Add More Options button to “Save As..” Architecture for copying linked architectures too

Fixed – Unauthorized users can be moved from Read to Write and vice versa in Sharing tabs

Added – Users can now filter out by Framework to allow for easier sorting of carousel on landing page

Added – Architectures are now color coded based on their framework value

Added – Users can now search for an architecture within the carousel

Added – Show additional information about selected architecture, below the carousel

Added – Show Active/Deleted Node Record counts in Architecture carousel

Added – Architecture owners can now select “No Copy” option to prevent others from copying their architecture



VERSION NOTES – v2016.1.0127.0


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Dependency lines of gantt when performing PDF export



Removed – Data Wizards



Fixed – Dates not showing in Dictionary Reports

Fixed – Do not show separation group when it is not applicable

Fixed – Fields are visible in object diagrams

Fixed – Radial trees layout settings

Fixed – Sugiyama router settings

Updated – Layout and Router options for diagrams

Fixed – Layout options for BalancedForest

Fixed – User Date Range to handle blank dates

Fixed – Settings not appearing for Sequence Diagrams

Added – Lock to Architecture information to report stats

Improved – Ability to select Lock to Architecture and Defer Loading

Fixed – Grid Router

Fixed – Parallel Router

Fixed – Issue where ConnectionOverlap option for Parallel Router could route back into shape

Fixed – Issue where Refresh Data caused nested containers to not refresh

Fixed – Nested containers in Tree and Radial layouts


Risk Analysis

Fixed – Copy and Delete are not applicable if Risk Registry is selected

Fixed – Workflow is assigned properly


User Management

Fixed – Module names match menu and titles

Fixed – Update “Remove all Modules” option to state “except User Manager”

Fixed – Allow drag organization from role to remove access

Fixed – Allow drag of root organization to assign immediate users

Fixed – Allow users to edit First Name, Last Name and Title for themselves

Added – If license capacity is reached, admin will have access to User Management only



Improved – Limit database updates when performing deletion to improve performance

Fixed – Clear description when creating new architecture

Fixed – Session handling in Firefox

Improved – Notifications for login errors

Improved – Email notifications text



VERSION NOTES – v2016.1.0111.0



Fixed – Enable Copy button when record is selected

Fixed – Copy enums when copying architecture

Fixed – Disable Auto Fix Relationships for read-only users

Improved – Display numbers with precision



Fixed – Reordering of enum elements

Fixed – Issue with Base Class Visibility tab

Fixed – When copying node, copy Element precision, Is Multi, and Is Enum settings as well as any enum values

Fixed – Content pane displays Select item if nothing is selected

Fixed – Only show base class visibility for reference type elements

Fixed – Multi selection for node tree


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Deletion of project with multiple estimated costs

Fixed – Auto Save

Fixed – Disable Clear Changes buttons in dialogs for read-only users



Fixed – Analysis Time Phase for Component Diagrams

Fixed – Date handling to handle blank dates

Fixed – Parent containers to use color settings

Improved – Warn users when using multiple key filters in same report

Fixed – Filtering on key values

Fixed – Clear selected item when search is applied to clear content

Fixed – Issue where Parallel router didn’t properly remove connections

Added – Connection Offset to prevent overlapping connection lines using Parallel Router

Fixed – Issue where SimpleER caused error

Fixed – Delete Element from new table report

Fixed – UTC date for report last modified date

Fixed – Table reports with manual numbering

Fixed – Table and Dictionary reports handle filters

Added – Validation to Detail report designer and skip items with no element

Removed – Layout launcher dialog

Improved – Exporting with margin based on diagram size

Fixed – Issue where Connections moved to top corner when refreshing data

Fixed – Tree Options are applied each time

Fixed – Issue where default values were overriding user set values for tree layout modes

Fixed – Hide architecture ribbon items when report isn’t selected

Improved – Grid layout to properly layout diagrams in a grid

Removed – Search item for chart and cross tables

Fixed – Issue where relationships could not be filtered

Fixed – Issue where key filter could not be removed

Fixed – Chart report legend items to wrap

Fixed – Filtering for Activity Diagrams

Fixed – Changed Start/End dates to trigger update selection range when values are the same

Fixed – Export of Chart Reports

Improved – Background of Chart report for exporting

Fixed – Activity Diagram rendering and layout

Fixed – Component Diagrams rendering

Fixed – Missing date ranges on relationships in Component Diagrams and Activity Diagrams

Fixed – Styling of Parents in Object Diagrams

Removed – Ability to collapse items in Activity Diagrams

Fixed – Issue in State Diagrams where shape types were not set properly

Fixed – Issue where fields were not displayed in State Diagrams

Added – Support for fields in object diagrams



Fixed – Air Force calculations of risk ratings

Improved – When mitigation dates match, use last step for calculating Risk posture

Improved – Readability for risk postures matrix


User Management

Improved – Initial content is blank rather than organization



Improved – Retry failed service calls 3 times then force logout to prevent data corruption

Fixed – Relational diagram content pane clears when selected item is changed

Fixed – Changed relational diagrams so they are no longer collapsible

Fixed – Changes to linked architectures not being saved to database

Improved – Prevent special characters (<, >, and &) from being entered on forms causing browser errors

Added – Added custom error pages to be displayed instead of default config error

Added – Use precision value when handling number values

Added – Handling for blank date values from the database

Fixed – Session handling when logging out from other pages



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.1204.0



Improved – Performance when loading large data sets with complex references to other items

Fixed – Users could not remove previously selected date values from records

Fixed – History window now shows when dates have been removed

Fixed – Data would not properly load if an Element Reference was found to be null in framework

Fixed – Select architecture after immediately loading an architecture could cause an error



Fixed – Crash occurred when certain Element Reference items were selected/converted



Improved – Parallel router positioning has been improved

Changed – Parallel Straight router option has been removed. Defaults to Parallel now.

Fixed – Circular relationships could potentially cause the system to crash when using a router other than Gliding

Fixed – Show current date on timeline reports did not work as expected

Added – Timeline reports now have a Stereotype override option in report configuration

Fixed – Updated time values for a report were not immediately reflected in the current view

Fixed – Chart reports were not rendering properly when using multiple sets/series of data

Fixed – Chart reports did not properly export as PNG or PDF

Fixed – Exporting a diagram as PDF could cause footer to be cut off

Fixed – REF boxes in sequence diagrams were created/displayed for messages which were filtered out

Fixed – Exporting a PDF could result in a blank file

Fixed – Saving a blank PDF report would cause an exception to occur

Fixed – PDF Ribbon bar would lose visibility/functionality when switching between Designer and Viewer

Fixed – Time displayed in timeline was UTC and not local time-zone

Fixed – Filtering logic with branches were not saving correctly

Fixed – Non-swimlane based activity diagrams did not render properly

Fixed – Vertical scrollbar would not properly display on chart reports

Fixed – Date values were not being displayed properly in table and detail reports

Fixed – Filtering on a Date in a timeline report did not work properly

Fixed – Export Full using a PDF report type caused poor positioning of a diagram prior to export

Fixed – Sequence diagrams would not render properly when first selected

Fixed – Object diagrams would crash under certain layout situations

Fixed – Report overlay did not initialize properly after saving/loading

Fixed – Optimize relationships duplicated some relationship lines when filters were applied



Fixed – Air Force calculations for 1/5 and 5/1 were incorrect

Fixed – Risk Postures Heatmap showed incorrect count value


VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.1029.0



Fixed – Date picker support for MAC users



Added – Enum and multi-enum support for document reports

Fixed – Blank first page in Detail reports



Improved – Associated risks list matches tree view


User Management

Improved – User dialog messages



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.1026.0



Fixed – Issue where nodes with identical structures could cause data corruption

Fixed – Relational diagrams ribbon bar would disappear under certain circumstances

Fixed – Relational diagrams now clear when switching between architectures

Fixed – Relational diagrams ER related diagrams didn’t render with all connections correctly



Fixed – Relational diagrams caused crash when rendering using “Utilized By” setting

Fixed – Relational diagrams ER related diagrams didn’t render with all connections correctly

Fixed – Export on Relational Diagrams could display fields as greyed out

Fixed – Element options now only switch when changing between different element types

Fixed – Reference selection tree would not properly scroll into view of a previously set reference


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Combined totals in Charts were not always display true costs

Removed – Support for Tags on projects (will add back in on a future release)



Fixed – Risk Evolution context group appeared under incorrect tab

Fixed – Risk Viewer information tab did not respect header sizing

Fixed – Dates on Risk Evolution X-Axis did not respect the browser window size

Fixed – Show current date on Risk Evolution now working properly



Fixed – Relational diagrams Reload and Select options where missing

Fixed – Detail reports could render with extra values under certain configurations

Fixed – Timeline reports could with deleted references under certain configurations

Fixed – Timeline reports could render incorrectly when using events and milestones under certain configurations

Fixed – Timeline reports would not properly render all milestones under certain configurations

Fixed – Timeline reports now filter correctly when filtering on a parent

Fixed – Scroll bar in Timeline Reports would stop working under certain data situations

Fixed – Relational diagrams now clear when switching between architectures

Fixed – Relational diagrams ER related diagrams didn’t render with all connections correctly



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.1019.0



Fixed – Issue where nodes with identical structures could cause data corruption

Improved – Relational diagrams now have new render and export options and a new interface

Fixed – Text on relational diagrams no longer overlaps if there are multiple lines between the same objects

Fixed – Date picker on Macs no longer exhibit issues when selecting dates above 2030

Fixed – Save As architecture did not properly copy all reference items



Improved – Relational diagrams now have new render and export options and a new interface

Fixed – Text on relational diagrams no longer overlaps if there are multiple lines between the same objects


Lifecycle Affordability

Changed – Estimated costs now shift with the project

Fixed – Gantt visible range now updates when shifting a project to the left before the current visible range

Fixed – Issue where users could not remove a project from a logical family

Fixed – Exception would occur if user enter dates before 1753

Fixed – Date picker on Macs no longer exhibit issues when selecting dates above 2030

Fixed – Export Log to PDF did not properly resize log window after exporting

Fixed – Linked architecture list did not display all architectures available

Added – PDF export of logs now utilize paging



Improved – Relational diagrams now have new render and export options and a new interface

Fixed – Text on relational diagrams no longer overlaps if there are multiple lines between the same objects

Fixed – Issue with Document reports not appearing correctly

Fixed – Node and Relationship editors did not properly initialize on smaller screens making it difficult to edit

Fixed – Class diagrams did not properly render Child/Parent hierarchy

Fixed – Exception error could occur under certain conditions when creating a new report

Fixed – Users can now use date fields for sequence in diagrams

Fixed – Exception error could occur if filter was not initialized properly in Table reports

Fixed – Timeline reports did not properly refresh under certain scenarios

Fixed – Export to PDF on certain diagrams caused shapes to appear larger than expected

Fixed – Timeline margins have been set to a percentage of the entire range instead of a fixed value

Fixed – Milestones in Timeline Reports had incorrect vertical spacing issues

Fixed – Class diagrams did not properly filter parent containers

Improved – Loading performance of diagrams which contain elements from the same node now load faster

Fixed – Diagrams could render with multiple parents of the same name

Fixed – Timeline now properly adjusts horizontal range to show all filtered items

Fixed – Stereotype values set in timeline were not properly filterable

Fixed – Large Timelines could not be exported to PDF

Fixed – Timelines exported to PDF would have text rendered on top of each other making readability difficult

Fixed – Timeline reports did not properly reflect report name changes

Fixed – Detail reports did not properly filter by Dates when using Greater Than

Fixed – Collapsing a container could cause the shape to become un-selectable under certain circumstances

Fixed – Users could not select text in Document reports consistently

Fixed – Diagrams would not properly render when using multiple enum values as part of the source data



Added – New Heat Map feature to highlight the current risk posture of the selected high level risk

Fixed – Creating a new risk architecture now creates all basic elements needed to fill out risks and mitigations

Fixed – Linked architecture list did not display all architectures available

Fixed – Associated risks field only allowed a single reference to be created

Fixed – Project information did not properly fill available space



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0926.0



Fixed – Delete node failure

Removed – Disabled data import option


Lifecycle Affordability

Added – Sharing capability for Architecture owners

Added –Highlight of vehicle fundings values in Funding Actuals grid if selected range does not encapsulate funding vehicle timespan

Fixed – Project shift options are hidden from cost thresholds context menu for read only users

Fixed – Analysis ribbon items are disabled for read only users

Fixed – Failure when merging logical families

Improved – Correlation of Funding Executions for comparison

Added – Gray leading and trailing sparkline points so there is one point for each month in selected range

Added – Export of Cost Thresholds and Funding Actuals to Excel workbooks



Fixed – Issue where cached diagrams failed to load properly

Fixed – Issues with nested diagrams not rendering properly

Fixed – Issue with Parent Items not being properly retrieved

Improved – Reduced redundant calls when initializing diagram

Fixed – Issue where relationship lines are dimmed after saving them on

Fixed – Set default state for highlighting relationships/shapes

Added – Prevent changing values while loading

Fixed – Ribbon items to work properly with Document reports

Added – Artwork manager

Fixed – Issue where diagram reports did not properly load connections

Fixed – Logical operator for filters not persisting

Fixed – Issue where diagrams failed to properly load

Fixed – Document view staying open

Added – Base classes to relational designer

Fixed – Error when creating new configuration

Improved – Only retrieve relevant nodes and elements

Fixed – Ribbon updates for document reports

Fixed – Timeline reports cutting off letters

Fixed – Horizontal scrollbar in timelines



Fixed – Ribbon items update properly for parent risk

Fixed – Copied mitigation name starts with “Copy of”

Fixed – Re-select Outlook bar tab when reloading architecture


User Management

Fixed – Last Login Date label to indicate UTC

Added – Send email to administrators when new user sets password but is not yet authorized



Fixed – Drag users in Sharing views

Improved – Architecture copy to reduce blocking transactions



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0908.0



Fixed – Use local times for history dialog

Fixed – Dates shifting due to time zone differences


Lifecycle Affordability

Added –Ability to export Gantt to PDF

Fixed – Error saving estimated cost changes to database

Updated – Remove auto-correct of estimated cost to project cost date

Added – Data log entry when project cost start doesn’t match project start and mark project as having error

Fixed – Update Data Log entries after edits

Improved – Standardized number of points in cost threshold sparklines



Improved – Spacing of the timeline legend

Fixed – margins for timeline report so headers aren’t hidden

Improved – Automatically remove special characters from export default file name

Fixed – Timeline date options when options change

Fixed – Report name not saving when tree isn’t refreshed



Fixed – Responsible Organization links

Fixed – Refresh tree after adding risk or mitigation

Improved – Project information sizing in gantt view for project dependencies

Improved – Made linked projects more visible

Fixed – Copy of Mitigation



Renamed – Exosuite to Architex

Fixed – Handling of missing dates from database



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0831.0



Fixed – Node/Element editors now automatically select proper tab options


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Allow creation of Roadmap from project window

Improved – FY quickest controls now moved to Ribbon and consistent between Cost Thresholds and Actual controls



Added – Risk Associated, Status, and Scope options for Risks now available

Added – Risk Breakdown charts now display information about all risks under a parent

Added – Risk rollup grid now displays Status, Scope and Handling Method

Added – Risk rollup grid now displays Initial and Final values by color

Added – Risks now display in tree with Scope/Status/Handling information automatically appended

Fixed – “Copy of” no longer appears on mitigation steps of a copied risk



Added – New static PDF report type allowing users to store PDFs inside Architex

Added – Timeline reports now have filtering capabilities by node

Fixed – PDF Export of Timeline reports

Fixed – Export options where not properly displaying for Document reports

Fixed – Report names are now the default filename when exporting a report

Fixed – Added missing option for chart reports in design mode prevented users from editing all settings

Improved – Report types displayed in ribbon are now in groups and sorted by name

Improved – Diagram reports now display options to export as PDF or PNG

Improved – Tree views now remember the selected item when switching between Designer and Viewer

Improved – UI for Report Designer now separates settings by functions making editing easier

Removed – Row/Column and Sub/Total options for chart reports are no longer displayed

Removed – Print and DPI settings in diagrams have been removed (obsolete with PDF export)



Improved – Modified data handling to use UTC timestamps

Improved – Expand and Collapse tree ribbon buttons and functionality across all modules

Improved – UI consistency of Context Menus across all modules



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0820.0



Improved – Warming message if architecture owner is not selected

Fixed – Elements One-to-Many defaults to false

Fixed – Copied nodes do not prefix copied elements with Copy of.


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Timeline quarter year labels

Improved – Selection of Project Manager with single press of Enter key



Fixed – Check connections to prevent recursive routes from occurring and causing memory overflow

Fixed – Crash when selecting Analysis tab when using empty date values

Improved – Router settings to ensure initial route options are used

Fixed – Enabled more color option

Fixed – Issue where child objects were removed from parent containers under Broken Branches logic

Fixed – Issue with Sequence Diagram messages not rendering correctly

Fixed – Tracing diagrams where unrelated relationships did not fade

Updated – Dictionary reports have right click for definitions

Fixed – Field information display in diagrams



Fixed – Postpone tree refresh after Mitigation is created so it appears in tree

Added – New Project information fields

Added – Project information display to gantt views

Added – Grouping for Risk Matrix items to have separate circles for each value

Fixed – Project listing where Name/Description was displayed instead of PDID/Name

Added – Project status information on dropdown


User Management

Fixed – Allow resend password for new users

Improved – Combined missing user information warning message



Added – Expand tree by level logic

Fixed – Tree view displays



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0812.0



Improved – Handling of Purge Deleted records to prevent blocking database

Fixed – Quick search when switching tabs

Fixed – Increased filter limit to exceed 1000 items



Fixed – Import data dialog error message

Improved – Automatically paste when copying and remove paste ribbon item



Removed – Add and delete search are obsolete

Fixed –Auto expand issue

Added – More colors dialog box to node configurations

Fixed – Page Overlap option sticking on diagrams

Improved – Timeline Reports display category information as a list

Fixed – PDF export of diagram lines

Fixed – PDF export of wrapped text

Fixed – PDF export of dashed lines

Fixed – Class diagrams where Fields were displayed as class objects instead of as tree list

Added – UseFreeForm data option for Chart reports

Added – Information option for Chart reports

Improved – Charts and Cross Tables performance by determining if they should be regenerated on load

Improved – Architecture name overlay matches page overlay options

Fixed – Issue with CategoryElements not displaying properly

Fixed – Diagram filtering errors

Fixed – Ensure Minimum width of objects is respected when stereotype is larger than name

Fixed – Exception when switching analysis tab in diagrams which have not been rendered

Fixed – Issue where search configurations do not get properly cleared from Diagrams

Fixed – In Date Range issues where empty values caused unexpected results

Fixed – ER, Component, Sequence, and UseCase diagrams where parent search was still being performed while creating nodes

Fixed – Reduced number of attempts of AStar router to prevent crashes



Fixed – Show sequence number in likelihood and consequence selection boxes


User Management

Fixed – Creation of new organization without selecting existing defaults to child of user’s organization



Updated – Controls and Busy Indicators



VERSION NOTES – v2015.2.0803.0



Fixed – Selecting empty node caused grid to hang

Improved – Only administrators may purge deleted records



Fixed – Copy node and element and refresh tree


Lifecycle Affordability

Fixed – Update project counts after adding or deleting a project

Fixed – Refresh Gantt after editing dependencies

Fixed – Chart timeline quarter starts at same fiscal year as gantt

Improved – Gantt timeline shows Years, Quarters, and Months as applicable to scale

Improved – Scroll to selected item after refreshing gantts

Added – User defined Cost Category to replace fixed Labor/Material/Other cost categories

Added – Funding Actuals tab with values calculated from Funding Executions

Fixed – Don’t include estimated costs for project with valid funding executions

Updated – Charts to use display options for Estimated Costs, Funding Actuals, and Combined modes

Fixed – Hide example architectures

Improved – Message in Architecture Loaded dialog if user does not have edit permissions

Added – Check for funded project schedule against funding vehicle dates

Added – Clear search button to ribbon

Fixed – Check for data errors when loading architecture or dataset and alert on error

Added – Store filter options with architecture

Improved – Dependencies with errors are rendered as red dashed lines

Added – Event errors dialog window to show all errors for a selected event

Improved – Log entry counts to only use end entries



Fixed – Page overlay/header not restoring properly

Improved – Header/Footer ribbon bar

Added – Default file name in save file dialogs

Fixed – Cancelling data export failed to clear busy

Fixed – Export preview of Detail reports

Fixed – Handle blank values propagation in Table reports

Added – Show current date for timeline

Improved – Sort element alphabetically in Dictionary reports

Added – Filtering capability to Reports

Added – ‘Remove Orphans’ logic to remove non-connected diagram objects when filtering on a node/relationship

Added – ‘Key Value’ search option for filtering

Added – Automatically migrate existing search settings to populate new filters

Fixed – Duplicate relationship labels displayed in diagrams

Added – Option to optimize relationships to reduce number of relationship lines displayed

Fixed – Issues deleting search/elements in Detail/Table/Dictionary reports

Fixed – Issue with previous values being returned in Document reports

Fixed – Issue where incomplete paths in Document reports caused incorrect results

Added – Option to return unsorted values in Document reports

Fixed – Incorrect results when searching for parent

Added – Recreate nested containers for children which match search results

Fixed – Parent values not being properly set on UML Nodes in diagrams

Added – Export of full timeline and legend

Improved – Timeline report legend

Added – Controls to display or hide timeline legend and information

Improved – Performance generated tree views

Fixed – State diagrams where sequence values appeared on field values which were not assigned

Fixed – Prevent edit of items in edit forms unless in edit mode



Fixed – Tree item tooltips update after edits

Improved – Wrap text in risk rollup summaries

Fixed – Show ‘No Dates Populated’ in mitigation timeline if no values have been entered

Added – Resize information panel for timeline

Improved – Made current date more visible

Improved – 5x5 labels automatically scale to fit display

Added – Ability to enable or disable dynamic font sizing in 5x5

Fixed – Copy of mitigations assigned to wrong parent risk

Added – No Action Likelihood and Consequence mitigation steps

Added – No Action line to Estimated Burndown

Improved – Timeline information to display No Action results, Consequence if not Implemented, and other information


User Management

Improved – Disable Reset Password button unless admin is editing user

Improved – Marked essential fields with an asterisk



Improved – Prevent form submission when Enter key is pressed to allow line breaks in certain text fields

Fixed – Session timeout handling when using multiple browser tabs

Added – Support for PDF export

Added – Links to support User Guide, FAQs, and Forums to request support pages